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The satellite has tens of active channels - transponders.
Eventually, when they [customers] are more [used] to it, we can definitely introduce more active channels, and near-field communication (NFC) services [are] in the pipeline," he said.
Today's crucial patent will improve the fluid flow and energy transport through active channels of both the anode and cathode fuel cell stack bipolar plates, stated GEI Global CEO, Dr.
PCTEL's multi-technology Blind Scan enhances the efficiency of network testing operations through full-band search and automatic detection of active channels.
Instead of manually entering channel numbers provided by third parties, test engineers can use Blind Scan to automatically identify all active channels in and around a test site.
The meeting discussed cooperation mechanisms between the UAE and WFP based on the former's vital role in facing famine around the world, and its active channels of cooperation between different international humanitarian organisations and associations, the ministry said in a statement.
Four phase-shift dimming options are available: three fixed options for 6-channel operation and an adaptive phase shift option where the shift is evenly distributed based on the number of active channels.
Indonesia just won't confirm for us whether (the Taiwanese crew) are dead or alive'' despite ''clear and active channels of communication'' between Taipei and Jakarta, she said.
My role is to establish active channels of communication between the Centres of Excellence, university and the winder business community, identifying business needs and matching them, where appropriate, with the centres' and universities' activities.
To synthesize a reference signal for the uplink signal, the active channels must be identified and despread to the encoded bit level, and EVM is calculated only for the scrambled chip samples.
The Marco SL PC card has two active channels and is capable of speeds of up to 128 Kb/sec without the need for an external adapter.
For EVM measurement, the new firmware enables the signal analyzer to determine the individual error of a specific code channel, as well as the total vector error of a signal with several active channels.