Active Server Pages

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Active Server Pages

(World-Wide Web, programming)
(ASP) A scripting environment for Microsoft Internet Information Server in which you can combine HTML, scripts and reusable ActiveX server components to create dynamic web pages.

IIS 4.0 includes scripting engines for Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) and Microsoft JScript. ActiveX scripting engines for Perl and REXX are available through third-party developers.

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The website will offer two forms of delivery: a downloadable system file (i.e., the database system created in the first stage) and an interactive version of the system, delivered via active server pages. Finally, the websites offer feedback forms designed to route the comments directly to the instructor.
The Active Server Page technology was used for cataloging and browsing NMU GIS data CDs.
There's no need to write an Active Server Page. If you "Save As/Export ..." the Union Query as a Microsoft Active Server Pages file, the Access database will generate two pages: an HTML forms page to prompt the end user for a journal rifle, and an Active Server Page to query the database and return the results in a tabular form.
A*Asprox zombies target Microsoft's Active Server Pages
ASP.NET is the replacement for Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP).
The software is based on proven server technologies including Active Server Pages, Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC and Pendragon SyncServer.
If you have a Microsoft IIS, Active Server Pages (ASP) may be the natural place to begin a Web-scripting project.
The solution is a web browser application with MS SQL Server database backend and Active Server Pages front-end, the company claims.
The 10 websites that could not be downloaded in their entirety all used either active server pages or java script.
"The new Web site utilizes newer technologies, such as Flash and Active Server Pages," says Lisa Smith Morbark marketing specialist and webmaster.
If you are a hardcore Active Server Pages (ASP) programmer searching ways to incorporate XML, this book helps you by devoting a well-detailed chapter to ASP.NET.

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