activated carbon

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activated carbon

[′ak·tə‚vād·əd ′kär·bən]
A powdered, granular, or pelleted form of amorphous carbon characterized by very large surface area per unit volume because of an enormous number of fine pores. Also known as activated charcoal.

activated charcoal, activated carbon

Charcoal obtained by carbonizing organic material, usually in the absence of air; usually in granular or powdered form; highly effective in adsorbing odors in air or in removing colors in solution.
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On the 30th day of the experiment, general condition of laying hens that received active coal feed additive in doses of 200, 400 and 800g per ton of ready feed finally returned to normal.
Filtration on granular active coal with seeming filtration speed [v.
According to the company, it manages and further develops all active coal operations in Pennsylvania.
Production at the largest active coal mines in the Illinois Basin declined slightly in the fourth quarter of 2014 from the previous quarter, but full-year 2014 production was 4.
These mines included 2,113 active coal mines (1,438 surface mines and 675 underground mines).
Dynegy, Illinois largest air polluter with nine active coal plants in Illinois,worked closely with Rauners IEPA over the last year to make significant changes to the Multi-Pollutant Standard (MPS) as revealed in a Freedom of Information Request obtained by environmental organizations.
With the Highland mine closure, the UMWA will cease to represent labor at any active coal mine in the ILB, which includes Illinois, Indiana and western Kentucky.
After dust levels were lowered, data from the surveillance program documented reductions in the prevalence of CWP among active coal miners (2).
Energy Mapping System to provide another route to discover data on all of the nation's active coal mines; and
coal producer with 12 active coal mines and associated processing, loading and shipping facilities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wyoming.
The Sierra Club, as part of its national "Beyond Coal" campaign, has been leading the anti-coal fight in the state, arguing the estimated $2 billion spent by Michigan utilities annually to purchase out-of-state coal--Michigan has no active coal mines--could be better used to create local jobs in the renewable energy and energy efficiency arenas.

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