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When combined with Cirrus Logic's exceptional Crystal PCI audio accelerators and driver support, the CS4294 can produce incredibly accurate 3D-positional sound and Dolby AC-3 under Microsoft's DirectSound, DirectSound3D and ActiveMovie.
If you use the Windows Media Player or ActiveMovie, you can set the size of the window by going to Control Panel, Multimedia, Video.
These included "misleading error messages" and "technical bypasses," with Windows choosing Microsoft ActiveMovie over QuickTime.
ActiveMovie takes care of audio and video on the web while DirectX 5.
The pavilion will feature Windows 95-compatible technology and developer tools, as well as two game and multim-edia initiatives from Microsoft: Direct 3D and ActiveMovie.
733 or greater -- 166 MHz Intel Pentium with MMX or greater -- 32 MB RAM; VGA or SVGA video with 2MB RAM -- ActiveMovie Control 2.
It is the first networked multimedia application to support DirectX and ActiveMovie for software playback of MPEG, AVI and Quicktime files.
Optimized for most efficient use of processor -- DirectShow and ActiveMovie compatible -- Works directly with Windows Media Player as a Direct Show filter, giving you a fully powered media player -- User can choose to utilize MPEG-1 video decode through our filter (defaults to Microsoft's MPEG-1 decoder by default)
Amazing multimedia features such as arcade-level 3D graphics with ATIO Rage Pro graphic accelerators, ActiveMovie software MPEG and SRS 3D Surround Sound create an intense computing experience for the Aptiva user.
Microsoft, Windows, ActiveMovie, NT and Internet Explorer are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
NetStream 2 features support for Microsoft's ActiveMovie, now known as DirectShow 2.