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A type of COM component that can self-register, also known as an "ActiveX control". All COM objects implement the "IUnknown" interface but an ActiveX control usually also implements some of the standard interfaces for embedding, user interface, methods, properties, events, and persistence.

ActiveX controls were originally called "OLE Controls", and were required to provide all of these interfaces but that requirement was dropped, and the name changed, to make ActiveX controls lean enough to be downloaded as part of a web page.

Because ActiveX components can support the OLE embedding interfaces, they can be included in web pages. Because they are COM objects, they can be used from languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java, VBScript.

["Understanding ActiveX and OLE", David Chappell, MS Press, 1996].
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A brand name from Microsoft that has been used very specifically and very broadly. Today, it refers generally to ActiveX controls. For a short time, it was used to brand Microsoft's entire COM object architecture. See ActiveX control, COM, ActiveX Server Component, OLE and COM automation.

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David Chappell's book on ActiveX, OLE and COM provides an excellent, well-written reference on the many facets of this subject. (Microsoft Press, 1996)
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Further investigation led to the conclusion that Microsoft Office files that included ActiveX controls were consistently causing memory leaks.
According to the company, Advanced Uninstaller PRO 2006 features a new installation monitor, which monitors software setups and keeps logs with the actions done by the setup procedures, as well as a new ActiveX tool, which enables the users to control ActiveX programs downloaded automatically by the web browser.
In-Sight OPC Server makes it easier to exchange data with other OPC programs and systems including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), distributed control systems (DCS), and distributed I/O networks, In-Sight ActiveX Display Control allows users to easily integrate In-Sight images and display graphics into third party HMI and SCADA packages.
Some other features include ActiveX, BHO, LSP, Hosts File Management and removal, Internet Explorer web-based settings management, Windows Process list management, Open Hidden windows management, search strings and a complete restore feature to undo any changes you make.
ACTIVEX control - An ActiveX control is a set of computer system rules that govern how applications share information.
This compact panel-mounting box offers a real-time core that can control over 200 Ethernet Powerlink devices--drives, encoders, I/O, gateways etc., up to 16 of which can be interpolated axes--and general machine control and connectivity features, including onboard analogue and digital I/O and a USB port for simple connection to PC hosts, with free ActiveX support tools.
QI KEEP getting a pop-up saying "Do you want to allow software such as activex controls and plug ins to run?" How do I delete it?
Besides featuring an advanced user interface for managing patients and tests, Office Medic 5.0 provides support with discrete ActiveX, COM and other component technologies for integration with third-party software and devices.
"Autodesk DWF Viewer 5 is the only solution that enables customers to view design and engineering information with all of the intelligence and precision of the original design program." Autodesk DWF Viewer is available as both a standalone application or as an ActiveX control that is embedded within Microsoft Internet Explorer, providing a simple, easy to use interface for even the novice user to master viewing and printing of design data.
Pervasive's continued commitment to customer value with low total cost of ownership (TCO) and seamless embeddability products also leads to cutting edge development components (such as ActiveX, 100% pure Java JDBC driver) and language (C#, .NET).