ActiveX control

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ActiveX control

A software module based on Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) architecture. It enables a program to add functionality by calling ready-made components that blend in and appear as normal parts of the program. They are typically used to add user interface functions, such as 3D toolbars, a notepad, calculator or even a spreadsheet.

On the Internet, ActiveX controls can be linked to a Web page and downloaded by a compliant Web browser. Such controls turn Web pages into software as if the program were launched from a server. Like any executable program running in the computer, ActiveX controls can perform any operation on your data. This is why the default configuration in most Web browsers is to prompt the user if an ActiveX control is being requested so the user can decide to download it or not (not always an easy decision).

Originally OLE Controls
ActiveX controls were originally called "OLE controls" and used an .OCX file extension. They were Microsoft's second-generation component architecture (Visual Basic Controls (VBXs) were the first). OLE controls were renamed ActiveX and continued to use the .OCX name. See ActiveX filtering, COM, OLE, COM automation, OCX and VBX.

ActiveX Controls
ActiveX controls can be stored locally or remotely, but they are run locally.
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Our annotated source code enables developers to see firsthand how ActiveX controls are handled," Bedrick said.
Specializing in fast display of large engineering drawings and multi-page documents, the ViewDirector imaging ActiveX Control can be used within any ActiveX container (Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, PowerBuilder, Delphi, FoxPro, Access, etc.
With this ActiveX Control, Infoseek has greatly simplified the process of searching the massive amounts of information on the Internet.
A single development license of each version of the ViewDirector ActiveX Control is available for $1795 per web site/development site or both versions may be purchased for $2295, which includes 30 days of free technical support, source code to sample applications, and product demos.
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A free version of the EarthTime ActiveX control -- ActiveEarthTime
Unibar supports two different controls: an ActiveX control to use in native Windows development, and a .
an Austin, Texas-based software developer, today announced the ichat ActiveX Control for Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.
2 we are introducing a new ActiveX control for G2's user interface client, Telewindows(R).
V-Active ActiveX Control Optimized for Internet Explorer
0, the leading error detection software for the Windows development environment, is the only error detection tool that allows the ActiveX Control developer to detect errors inside an ActiveX Control, as well as to validate the parameters and interfaces between an ActiveX Control and the Internet Explorer.