ActiveX control

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ActiveX control

A software module based on Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) architecture. It enables a program to add functionality by calling ready-made components that blend in and appear as normal parts of the program. They are typically used to add user interface functions, such as 3D toolbars, a notepad, calculator or even a spreadsheet.

On the Internet, ActiveX controls can be linked to a Web page and downloaded by a compliant Web browser. Such controls turn Web pages into software as if the program were launched from a server. Like any executable program running in the computer, ActiveX controls can perform any operation on your data. This is why the default configuration in most Web browsers is to prompt the user if an ActiveX control is being requested so the user can decide to download it or not (not always an easy decision).

Originally OLE Controls
ActiveX controls were originally called "OLE controls" and used an .OCX file extension. They were Microsoft's second-generation component architecture (Visual Basic Controls (VBXs) were the first). OLE controls were renamed ActiveX and continued to use the .OCX name. See ActiveX filtering, COM, OLE, COM automation, OCX and VBX.

ActiveX Controls
ActiveX controls can be stored locally or remotely, but they are run locally.
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• Add support of inserting ActiveX controls in the Visio Page.
Users can allow installing ActiveX control to perform certain tasks such as plying multimedia, watching streaming service and installing security updates.
There's also OrgPlus Web Plugin, which is an ActiveX control that provides access for others on your network via a browser.
Remote access from local computers that don't allow plug-ins or ActiveX Control Downloads.
"Autodesk DWF Viewer 5 is the only solution that enables customers to view design and engineering information with all of the intelligence and precision of the original design program." Autodesk DWF Viewer is available as both a standalone application or as an ActiveX control that is embedded within Microsoft Internet Explorer, providing a simple, easy to use interface for even the novice user to master viewing and printing of design data.
Agilent licensed Accelrys' Viewer ActiveX Control for integration into its Synapsia Informatics Workbench ...
The scam arrives in the form of a link to e-card site, and if the recipient clicks on the link they are invited to install an ActiveX control in order to view their e-card.
Using an ActiveX control or a Java applet, the terminal emulation functionality is downloaded from the server when needed, and the processing is done on the local client.
The latest version of LEAD's award-winning line of imaging toolkits includes new features, C documentation for programmers wishing to develop with an ActiveX control in Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft Foundation Classes, and an unprecedented product line offering which aligns LEAD's imaging toolkits with specific vertical markets, allowing developers to easily choose the best imaging toolkit to fit the requirements of their application.
The new version of the API allows developers to insert an ActiveX control in their Visio drawings and select or clear the CheckBox in Color column of the layer.