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These animal studies provide evidence supporting the effectiveness of EPs[R]7630 in cough and acute bronchitis.
In order to simulate the situation in the early stages of an acute bronchitis, a dry, non-productive cough was induced by chemical stimulation of sensory nerve receptors following inhalation of ammonia and citric acid in mice and guinea pigs, respectively.
The substantially higher use of antimicrobial drugs for acute bronchitis than for colds or other URIs raises the need for effective interventions to further support physician decision making.
A postmortem revealed that Mr Holme died of acute bronchitis.
The two-day course deals with defining the confirmed H1N1 cases, the laboratory analysis tests and the importance of not confusing it with similar diseases like the seasonal flu, the acute bronchitis as well as defining the most H1N1-prone age categories, and the cure of influenza after the spread of the seasonal flu.
Traditionally, the women of the colony burn firewood to prepare their meals, resulting in many incidences of respiratory illnesses such as chronic cough and acute bronchitis.
Dr Roshan John, Chief Physician at Lifeline Hospital affirmed that acute bronchitis disappears within a few days.
While often used as a synonym for pneumonia, the rubric of LRTI can also be applied to other types of infection including lung abscess, acute bronchitis and emphysema.
1 in the first week of January and acute bronchitis cases rose from 133.
1 in the first week of January, and acute bronchitis cases rose from 133.
Complications associated with flu include bacterial chest infections and in extremely rare circumstances, flu can develop into a high fever, acute bronchitis, encephalitis and even pneumonia.
Table 31: Acute Bronchitis Therapeutics Market, Clinical Trials by Trial Status, 2011 103

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