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A pre-structured and pretested questionnaire was used to get the information regarding definition, causes, signs, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of acute respiratory infections. A total of 12 questions were asked to assess KAP of acute respiratory infections, of which 4 for knowledge, 4 for attitude, and 4 for practice for children, and in case of mothers, 12 questions were asked to assess KAP of ADD, of which 4 for knowledge, 5 for attitude, and 4 for practice.
Community perceptions about acute respiratory infections (ARI) in Multan, Pakistan.
Parainfluenza virus infections in pediatric patients with acute respiratory infections in Beijing during 2001-2003 (in Chinese).
Viral etiology among the elderly presenting acute respiratory infection during the influenza season.
malaria and acute respiratory infections (ARI), are imminent threats due to
The results indicate that 37 percent of internally displaced children under five years-old suffer from diarrhea due to polluted waters and that 35.6 percent suffer acute respiratory infection.
Among the 10 physicians selected, we identified all MOXXI-consenting patients who had at least one physician billing claim with a diagnosis of acute respiratory infection during the study period, and randomly sampled 635 of those patients.
Within 2 weeks after an acute respiratory infection, the overall incidence ratio of DVT was 1.91.
Diarrhea syndrome and acute respiratory infection were the main causes of neonatal death in Balochistan.
There have been more than 3,800 suspected or probable cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Infection worldwide, mostly in South East Asia.
Child and infant mortality has increased, chronic malnutrition persists and there has been growth in incidence of serious diseases including diarrhoea, acute respiratory infection, malaria and tuberculosis.

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