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So how will this new Chrome ad blocker look like for users on Android devices or desktop computers?
The industry cannot continue to absorb costs associated with paid-for ad blocker whitelisting, nor can it accept users consuming its content with no revenue coming in.
According to an ad-blocking study conducted by Kantar Media TGI, heavy radio listeners (over 15 hours per week) are 24% more likely to use ad blockers that create digital barriers for marketers.
As our chart illustrates, the adoption of ad blockers around the world is still relatively low.
For example, according to Frederic Montagnon, founder and CEO of New York- and Paris-based software developer Secret Media, his company developed a technology that encrypts the URL in the ad call, and replaces it with a proxy that can't be recognized by the ad blocker.
Thats why we have introduced unique features like VPN, native ad blocker, battery saver and video pop-out, says Krystian Kolondra, SVP of Opera browser for computers.
Interestingly, Opera recently launched its free VPN service for iOS and a native ad blocker for its browser.
We could do that and someone who has an ad blocker would turn it off to watch more, in which case we would get them some ads or get them to do something else or ask them to pay.
HubSpot Research reveals ads are damaging consumer experiences and quantifies the popularity of ad blocker tools
Using proprietary, content targeting, 80 percent of TMC Online Community sites rank on the first page of search results even if an ad blocker is used.
However, if this logic is placed on the web server where processing is often completed in a matter of milliseconds then the Ad Blocker would not have an opportunity to perform its magic.
com reported on Thursday that a 2014 poll from PageFair indicates there are more than 198 million active ad blocker users worldwide.