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A relational database system by Software AG. While it was initially designed for large IBM mainframe systems (e.g. S/370 in the late 1970s), it has been ported to numerous other platforms over the last few years such as several flavors of Unix including AIX.

ADABAS stores its data in tables (and is thus "relational") but also uses some non-relational techniques, such as multiple values and periodic groups.
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A database management system (DBMS) from Software AG, Reston, VA ( for IBM mainframes, VAXes, Unix and Windows. It is an inverted list DBMS with relational capabilities. A 4GL known as NATURAL plus text retrieval, GIS processing, SQL and distributed database functions are also available. Introduced in 1969, it was one of the first DBMSs.
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In the second quarter of 2019 Software AG's Adabas & Natural (A&N) business performed in line with raised expectations, generating revenue of [euro]53 million.
As the partnership between the two organizations grows, plans to embed further test data management features into the Adabas product will follow, including test data creation and generation, database subsetting and data coverage capabilities.
According to the company, Data Archiving for Adabas provides automated archiving functions and tools for search, verification, extraction, restore and recovery, helping organisations meet current and emerging data retention requirements, while reducing the load on the production database.
(33.) Interview with Mifli Adabas, director of Preaching and Guidance, Amman, 5 October 1996.
Currently supported systems include Oracle7, Sybase, Adabas D, and MOOD (METU OO Database System).
MVS, Tandem and Siemens BS2000 systems are operated, and databases include DB2, IMS/DL1, and ADABAS. Transaction monitors include CICS and IMS.
SAP R/3 was originally created for Unix, using the Oracle, Informix and ADABAS databases.
PSS Tapestry demonstrated its recently completed integrated library system, based on the Software AG's ADABAS database management system.
The use of ADABAS, a leading database management system and ADABAS Text Retrieval, provide robust information storage and retrieval capabilities.