Adam's Peak

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Adam's Peak,

Sinhalese Sri Padastanaya and Samanaliya, mountain, 7,360 ft (2,243 m) high, S central Sri Lanka. It is a sacred mountain, famous as a goal of pilgrimage for Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims. On its summit is a large flat rock that bears the impression of a gigantic (c.10 sq ft/.93 sq m) human foot. This stone footprint is regarded as Buddha's by Buddhists, Shiva's by Hindus, and Adam's by Muslims, who believe this to be the site of Adam's fall from Paradise.
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Instead of heading for the south east coast they headed instead for the island's mountainous centre, about 100 miles inland, and to Muslim shrine Adam's Peak.
For centuries, Adam's Peak has been a center for pilgrims.
Now not just the Asians know that the footprint in the rock atop Adam's Peak is God's.
Since my last column I've climbed the 4,800 steps of Adam's Peak, one of Sri Lanka's most striking natural features.