Adam's Peak

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Adam's Peak,

Sinhalese Sri Padastanaya and Samanaliya, mountain, 7,360 ft (2,243 m) high, S central Sri Lanka. It is a sacred mountain, famous as a goal of pilgrimage for Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims. On its summit is a large flat rock that bears the impression of a gigantic (c.10 sq ft/.93 sq m) human foot. This stone footprint is regarded as Buddha's by Buddhists, Shiva's by Hindus, and Adam's by Muslims, who believe this to be the site of Adam's fall from Paradise.
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Adam's Peak is first on the list is revered as a holy mountain by Buddhists, Hindu, Muslims and Christians alike.
Instead of heading for the south east coast they headed instead for the island's mountainous centre, about 100 miles inland, and to Muslim shrine Adam's Peak.
For centuries, Adam's Peak has been a center for pilgrims.
Now not just the Asians know that the footprint in the rock atop Adam's Peak is God's.
Beginning from the Adam's Peak, green mountains abound in the country, covering a large area that has many streams, rivulets and small lakes.
Adam's Peak ( or Sri Pada as it's known to locals ( has been an object of pilgrimage for over 1,000 years and Buddhists claim that the curious depression at its summit is a footprint of Buddha himself, hence the name, Sri Pada meaning Sacred Footprint.
Whichever story you believe, Adam's Peak is without doubt a national treasure.
The Austrian TV production on the sacred mountain of Adam's Peak or "Sripada" was shown to the audience who were enthralled by the scenic beauty and harmonious religious co-existence in Sri Lanka, as exemplified by Adam's Peak.
Around Ratnapura, precious gems hide in water-filled alluvial pits in the shadows of 7,360-foot Adam's Peak, a point holy to four religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Muslim.
21 -- Commencing the Sripada pilgrim season on Unduwap Full Moon Poya Day (December 20, 2010), tens of thousands of pilgrims gathered at the summit of the Sri Pada holy mountain, known as the Adam's Peak in the West, paying homage to the Holy Foot Imprint of Lord Buddha.
The arrest of the murderer of a headless foreigner found at the foot of Adam's Peak in the 1960s was probably one of the best detections ever made.