Adam Rakovskii

Rakovskii, Adam Vladislavovich


Born Dec. 12 (24), 1879, in Mezhirech’e (Miedzyrzec), now in Warsaw Woje-wództwo, Polish People’s Republic; died June 7, 1941, in Moscow. Soviet physical chemist. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1933).

After graduating from Moscow University in 1903, Ra-kovskii worked at the central chemical laboratory of the Ministry of Finance. From 1919 to 1941 he worked at the Institute of Pure Chemical Reagents (now the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Reagents and Ultrapure Chemical Substances). At the same time, beginning in 1915, he taught at Moscow University, becoming a professor in 1920. Rakovskii’s main works are devoted to adsorption, alcoholometry, and studies on equilibrium in three- and four-component water-salt systems. Rakovskii also proposed methods of preparing many pure chemical reagents.


Adam Vladislavovich Rakovskii: Sbornik statei. Moscow, 1949. (Contains a list of works by Rakoviskii.)