Adamiuk, Emilian

Adamiuk, Emilian Valentievich


Born June 11 (23), 1839; died Sept. 5 (18), 1906. One of the founders of ophthalmology in Russia.

In 1863, Adamiuk was graduated from the Kazan University medical faculty. From 1868 to 1870 he was an assistant professor at the University of Kazan and from 1871 to 1901 a professor. He is the author of many works dealing with the etiology and pathogenesis of trachoma and glaucoma. The first to substantiate the importance of the disruption of blood flow from the vascular membrane of the eye as a cause of glaucoma, Adamiuk also developed the theory of the infectious origin of trachoma.


Pamiati Emel’iana Valentinovicha Adamiuka, professora oftal’-mologii v Kazanskom universitete. Kazan, 1906. (Includes a complete index of all his works.)