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Adanson, Michel


Born Apr. 7, 1727; died Aug. 3, 1806. French botanist. Member of the French Academy of Sciences (1759).

Adanson was one of the founders of the natural system of plant classification, a variant of which he propounded in Families of Plants. In his search for the logical foundations of classification, he drew up 65 artificial systems, each one of which was based on a particular characteristic; comparing these systems, Adanson gauged the degree of proximity between related groups of plants, or taxons, thus becoming one of the pioneers in the application of mathematical methods to biology. Adanson believed in the possibility of transforming species. After 1772 he became infatuated with philosophy and with the Utopian idea of a single-handed compilation of a multivolume universal encyclopedia.


Adanson. The Bicentennial of Michel Adanson’s “Families des plantes,” parts 1–2. Pittsburgh, 1963.
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Reboul's deft execution suggests that she was already a skilled etcher when she began the plates for Adanson in 1756 or 1757.
3) Alude a Michel Adanson (1727-1806), botanico especialista en criptogamas y autor de un sistema de clasificacion.
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Michel Adanson (1727-1806), Bernard de Jussieu (1699-1777), and Augustin Pyrame de Candolle (1778-1841, who introduced the idea of taxonomy) all produced "natural" classifications that grouped plants into families on the basis of more "natural" features, including their general anatomy and embryonic development.
4 pasarian al genero Mesosphaerum Browne, 2 al genero Cantinoa Harley & Pastore, 3 a al genero Condea Adanson y una al genero Martianthus Harely & Pastore.
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Validated by a reference to a pre- 1789 Adanson (Fam.
Adanson (1763) proposed the placement of Aristolochia close to Asarum, for the first time.
DRYOPTERIS {dry-OP-ter-iss} Adanson 1763 * Wood Ferns * [Greek, drys, tree (oak), and pteris, fern; an allusion to their woodland habitat.
Michel Adanson (1727-1806), was a Provencal philosopher and botanist who studied under Bernard de Jussieu.