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The 2016 adaptive management conference is based on the theme of "working together to create our future" and will include a number of presentations and panels on the most current science in the region.
No tender documents will be available at this stage Pakistan Evidence and Learning Platform is supporting DFID~s humanitarian and resilience programmes through research and M&E for adaptive management.
BP will also pay up to an additional USD 700 million, some of which is in the form of accrued interest, specifically to address any later-discovered natural resource conditions that were unknown at the time of the agreement and to assist in adaptive management needs.
We welcome debate about our working forests, because we believe the more people learn, the more they'll see that adaptive management and healthy forests are providing both environmental and economic benefits to all of Oregon.
Adaptive Management C Use adaptive management, a life-cycle decision process that promotes flexible decision making that can be adjusted in the face of risks and uncertainties, as outcomes from management actions and other events become better understood through monitoring and improved knowledge.
Forest Service to specify the use of an adaptive management approach in its 2004 Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendment (USFS 2004).
This note will address the idea of hydrologic connectivity as a climate change issue through a multifaceted approach that looks at many impediments and advantages of adaptive management of hydrologic systems throughout the country.
The research will tackle issues including sudden aspen decline, stream function and sensitivity, restoration of stream and riparian areas, adaptive management of rangelands and wildlife habitat, and energy development impacts on large mammals in the Piceance Basin.
But in a period of climate change on an already pressured planet, there's an urgent need for governments around the globe to develop adaptive management plans to ensure the continued sustainability of the goods and services provided by natural and agricultural systems.
According to adaptive management theory, agencies are
They argue that the Internet offers the best way to implement the Convention on Biological Diversity commitments on local knowledge, monitoring, and governance to adaptive management of biodiversity resources.

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