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(Alesis Digital Audio Tape) A digital audio recording technology from Alesis, LLC, Cumberland, RI ( In 1992, Alesis introduced the first 8-track digital tape recording system. It used S-VHS cassettes and was later known as the "Black Face" machine.

Widely deployed in recording studios around the world, ADAT machines were made in 16-bit Type I and 20-bit Type II models. Multiple units could be linked together via a fiber cable, and PC and Mac expansion cards provided a digital audio link to the units. In 2002, Alesis introduced a 24-track ADAT hard disk recorder and later ceased production of the tape recorders. See MDM.



(Arabic, custom), customary law among the Muslim peoples, as opposed to religious law, sharia. Many of the norms of adat—such as blood feuds and adoptive brotherhood—took shape when tribal relations were dominant. The decisions of courts of arbitration and the resolutions of meetings of rural communes played an important role in the formation and development of adat. The differences in local conditions account for the extreme diversity of adat. The norms of adat, which embody democratic principles to a certain extent, lost their initial character with the development of feudal relations; like feudal law, they were widely employed for the exploitation of workers.

In the USSR those norms of adat and sharia which contradict the norms of Soviet law are illegal. Certain actions sanctioned by adat are considered criminal by Soviet law, such as blood feuds, the acceptance of ransom to free one from blood feuds, bride money, and so on. The norms of adat which do not contradict Soviet law, such as wedding ritual, are considered custom.


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The case study provides evidence of the fact that customary communities are not homogeneous, and that interests expressed in terms of adat may vary within villages and between ethnic groups according to a wide variety of adat laws regulating access to land and resources.
Being Special, Becoming Indigenous: Dilemmas of Special Adat Rights in Indonesia".
The alleged role of the Dutch in the creation of adat law has been forcefully argued by Peter Burns (2007) in his contribution to the interesting volume The revival of tradition in Indonesian politics (see also Burns 1989, 2004).
In urban Padang, it seems, Sanday had been working primarily with educated male informants; she had sought out the male penghnlu (office holders within the traditional system), asking them questions to which they would offer elliptical and elegant answers with references to proverbs, sayings, handbooks of written adat rules, Islamic texts and historical information.
These houses, in common with Batak rumah adat, were traditionally constructed from a prescribed menu of hardwoods, each with its own physical and perhaps spiritual properties.
The exclusive international agreement with Grammer, Adat said, "aligns our products with a world-class, vastly experienced company.
A significant part of Mubadala Aerospace's growing MRO network, ADAT has recently engaged in many business ventures driving growth for itself, Mubadala Aerospace, and the aerospace industry for Abu Dhabi.
Address : Office Of The Assistant Engineer Lsgd Section, Adat Grama Panchayat Purnattukkara (Po), Thrissur Pin 680551
Jeff Wilkinson, Etihad's Senior Vice President Technical, will oversee the MRO of ADAT and the daily technical operations business.
I would like to thank all our customers and industry peers who voted for us as the leading MRO in the Middle East and Africa and for our people who made this possible with their dedication and hard work," said Abdul Khaliq Saeed, President of ADAT.
Earlier this year, Zurich-based SR Technics, part of the Mubadala Aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) network, established with its sister company Adat a dedicated component support and delivery centre, Single Component Services (SCS).
Following the success of last year's Symposium on Sabah Native Land Rights: Issues, Challenges and the Way Forward / Simposium Hak Tanah Adat Sabah: Isu, Cabaran dan Prospek Masa Depan, the Symposium on Sabah Native Customary Rights /Simposium Hak Adat Anak Negeri Sabah will be held from 28 to 29 August 2013 to mark 50 years of Sabah's Independence.