Henry Addington

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Addington, Henry:

see Sidmouth, Henry Addington, ViscountSidmouth, Henry Addington, Viscount,
1757–1844, British statesman. He entered Parliament in 1784 and in 1789, through the sponsorship of William Pitt, became speaker of the House of Commons.
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Addington, Henry


Viscount Sidmouth. Born May 30, 1757; died Feb. 15, 1844. English politician.

Elected to Parliament as a Tory in 1783, Addington was prime minister from 1801 to 1804 and home secretary in the Liverpool government from 1813 to 1821. He sanctioned the bloody massacre at a mass meeting in Manchester on Aug. 16, 1819 (Peterloo). The same year he introduced several emergency laws against freedom of expression, assembly, and the press (the so-called gag acts).