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Because of that, we felt it was especially important to address language and cultural differences that may be barriers to care for the elderly," said Andrea Gerstenberger, Senior Program Officer.
To address language and cultural barriers that might otherwise keep women from receiving health care services, NorthPoint offered Somali, Hispanic, Hmong, and Laos language interpreters to assist the women throughout the process.
Added capabilities address language, taxation, and mileage rate calculation requirements.
This initiative is designed to address language and cultural barriers, lack of knowledge about the homebuying process and other challenges identified in recent research.
Communications address language and collaboration, and effectiveness deals with expertise in technology, project management and business-domain.
The CLRC represents a vital linchpin in a national strategy to address language education by reinforcing the importance of language learning at all levels of education and re-emphasizing the vital role played by heritage language populations throughout the U.
Global functionality - the Trillium Software Connector applications have the ability to recognize address language and characters for more than 180 countries.
xNAL: Extensible Name and Address Language -- xCIL: Extensible Customer Information Language -- xCRL: Extensible Customer Relationships Language
SoftCart answers global online purchasing challenges by enabling international businesses to easily address language translation, currency conversion and value-added tax issues.
This Language Forum meets bi-monthly to address language issues affecting the Province.
Patahuddin, Ramful and Greenlees also address language within their engaging classroom activity which prompts students to listen, talk and write about geometrical properties.
Local hospitals, public health facilities, rehabilitation services, or groups that advocate for the disabled, can also help dentists address language and cultural barriers.