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or Adelheid
, c.931–999, empress consort of Holy Roman Emperor Otto I, daughter of King Rudolf II of Arles. After the death (950) of her first husband, King Lothair of Italy, she was about to be forced into a marriage with the son of Berengar II,
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, empress.
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The conversations between father and son often tended in this direction, and what the old man still saw "in perspective" would perhaps already have come to pass, were it not for old Dubslav's sister, ten years older than he, with the fortune inherited from her mother: Sister Adelheid, Mother Superior of Cloister Wutz.
(3) Neben Mitgliedern des oben genannten Expertenteams leiteten folgende Expert(inn)en die Workshops: Andrea Baier (Munchen), Adelheid Biesecker (Bremen), Veit Burger (Freiburg), Daniela Gottschlich (Luneburg), Silja Klepp (Kiel), Christa Liedtke (Wuppertal), Grit Martinez (Berlin), Achim Schluter (Bremen), Gisela Schmitt (Aachen), Bernd Sommer (Flensburg), Martina Winker (Frankfurt), Uta von Winterfeld (Wuppertal).
Witness Adelheid Greven said: "We saw rescue boats in the harbour and thought at first that it was an exercise.
Raj named other Bicolano women who won in past national and international beauty pageants, including Melody Adelheid Gersbach, Ms.
Sarah Susanne Ubleis, (1) Claudia Cuk, (1) Michaela Nawratil, (1) Julia Butter, (1) Ellen Schoener, (1) Adelheid G.
Kozlov [ID], (1,2) Heinz Redl [ID], (1,2) Susanne Wolbank [ID], (1,2) and Adelheid Weidinger [ID] (1,2)
'While overweight rates in children might still be low, the proportion and numbers are increasing in all age groups,' Dr Adelheid Onyango, the WHO Africa's Adviser for Nutrition, warned.
And, between 2000 and 2001, the fund received almost $8000 from the publication of "Labour of Love" by Adelheid Wassner.