Johann Christoph Adelung

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Adelung, Johann Christoph


Born Aug. 8, 1732, in Halle; died Sept. 10, 1806. German philologist.

With J. S. Vater, Adelung published the work entitled Mithridates, or Universal Philology Exemplified by the Lord’s Prayer in Nearly 500 Languages and Dialects, a type of linguistic encyclopedia of the beginning of the 19th century. In Mithridates the languages are basically classified according to their geographical and not according to their genealogical features and random characteristics. Adelung is the author of a German-language dictionary that was highly authoritative in 18th-century Germany. His works reflect the striving of the philologists of the 18th century for a comprehensive treatment of the material and were an important stage in the formation of the comparative historical method and theoretical linguistics.


Mithridates oder allgemeine Sprachenkunde mit dem “Vater Unser” als Sprachprobe in beinahe fünfhundert Sprachen und Mundarten, vols. 1–4. Berlin, 1806–17.
Versuch eines vollständigen grammatisch-kritischen Wörterbuches der hochdeutschen Mundart, 2nd ed., vols. 1–4. Leipzig, 1793–1801.


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la estetica del Romanticismo con su contraste entre civilizacion y cultura, centrada en la idea del eespirituE de los pueblos (Zeitgeist), atenta a la identificacion de especificidades diferenciales (Herder, Burkhardt); y la antropologico-linguistica, enfocada en las creencias, costumbres y epracticasE sociales a partir de una visibilizacion de lo folklorico, lo rural y lo eexoticoE (desde la elogica poetica del hombre primitivoE de Giambattista Vico y el Ensayo de una historia de la Cultura Humana, 1782, de Johan Cristoph Adelung, quien acuna el termino eculturaE, hasta Michelet, Tylor y Morgan).
They are just like fettucine," compares Professor Rainer Adelung, Chairperson of the Functional Nanomaterials group.
One notable exception is Poecilimon tschorochensis Adelung, 1907, which produces narrow-banded low frequency and broad-banded ultrasound dominated song components (Heller et al.
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Denny Adelung with a good nyala taken with Mokore Safaris and PH Doug Duckworth in Mozambique.
It's fascinating," says materials scientist Rainer Adelung of Kiel University in Germany.
Many joining methods involve chemical reactions, which may change the polymers' properties and can cause injurious or even toxic effects on organisms," explains Rainer Adelung, PhD, from Kiel University in Germany.
Professor Rainer Adelung of Kiel University describes the construction process, "Think of the Aerographite as an ivy-web, which winds itself around a tree.
It is interesting to mention that Jannau, following great linguists Lord Monboddo, Herder, and Adelung, compares Livonian with the Basque, Zend (the language of Avesta), Huron, Algonquian, Caribbean, and Eskimo (1828 : 164-165).
The Germans Johann Christoph Adelung (1732-1806) and Wilhelm von Humboldt (1767-1835) made similar arguments, as Bushnell noted in God in Christ, 16.
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