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(both: ăd`əmär), d. 1098, French prelate, bishop of Le Puy-en-Velay. At the Council of Clermont (1095), he energetically promoted the First Crusade (see CrusadesCrusades
, series of wars undertaken by European Christians between the 11th and 14th cent. to recover the Holy Land from the Muslims. First Crusade

In the 7th cent., Jerusalem was taken by the caliph Umar.
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) and was designated as papal legate on that expedition. He distinguished himself in the sieges of Nicaea and Antioch and carried the Holy Lance (with which Christ's side had been pierced by a Roman soldier) after its discovery, although he at first doubted its authenticity. He died at Antioch, a victim of the plague.
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Robert Adema, comments "With StraNeo we secure our position in the Nordic region.
Over the next decade, Adema 88 progeny became the most sought after animals in the UK.
As Adema (2006) has noted, this policy shift is likely to punish services located in poorer areas that struggle to recruit qualified staff, and it will also punish services such as that developed at Te Aroha Noa that explicitly seek to engage and involve parents who are not qualified early childhood educators.
The band got a call to do a few shows in Alaska, which prompted Adema to ring up singer Bobby Reeves.
Previous Projekt Revolution alumni include Korn, Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Xzibit, Mudvayne, Adema, Blindside and DJ Z-Trip.
Especialmente Duzlercami es conocida como el ultimo lugar en Turquia donde se encuentra en forma silvestre el gamo blanco (Dama dama); adema contiene una poblacion abundante de jabali (Susscrofa), asi como una poblacion de entre 4,000-5,000 de cabra montes de las montafias asiaticas (Capra aegagrus) (Ulrich and Riffel 1993).
As Adema (1999) points out, international comparisons of social welfare that measure only direct cash transfers convey an incomplete view of public social efforts.
Opponents AS Adema sat back and watched as SOE repeatedly turned towards their own goal after each kick-off.
Stade Olympique L'Emyrne turned in the kamikaze performance against AS Adema after their boss had a furious row with the referee.
Madagascar champions AS Adema went down 149-0 to Stade Olympique l'Emyrne after their coach ordered his players to score own goals.
Newly-crowned Madagascar champions Adema werethe recipients as Stade Olympique L'Emyrne turned the match intoa farce.
As a result of the deal, BMG's Arista Records will release albums from best-selling artists such as Pink, Sarah McLachlan, Outkast, Usher and Adema on DataPlay digital media.