Aden Protectorate

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Aden Protectorate


from 1839 until 1967 a colonial possession of England. It consisted of the Crown Colony of Aden, which included the city of Aden, the islands of Perim and Kuria Muria, the East and West Aden protectorates, and the island of Kamaran. English colonial rule in Aden began with the seizure of the city of Aden in 1839; English control over the entire territory of Aden was established completely by the 1930’s. Aden was administered by the English government in India until April 1937, when it became a Crown Colony of Great Britain. With the aim of strengthening their rule during the violent uprising of the Aden peoples’ war of liberation, the English imperialists created the Federation of South Arabia in early 1959 on part of Aden’s territory. On Nov. 30, 1967, as a result of the victory of the national revolution, the People’s Republic of Southern Yemen was created on the territory of Aden. On Nov. 30, 1970, it became the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen.


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L. N. KOTLOV [1–639–2; updated]

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The British and the Ottomans were having many disputes over the borders of their territories, so in 1904 they signed a treaty: North Yemen would be Ottoman (Vilayet- i Yemen) and South Yemen (the Aden Protectorate) would be British.
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An ordinance came into effect on April 1, 1957 which prohibited qat in Aden Colony, but not in its hinterland, the Aden Protectorate.
He focuses on the British Aden Protectorate, which carved a series of "native states" out of Yemen's southern territory based on the princely India model; and the Zaydi-Shi'ite Imamate of the Hamid Al Din family, which established a hybrid state in the north that combined elements of the Ottoman state model with Sunni reformist ideology.
In 1964, just two years after his climbing accident, he was awarded the Military Medal by the Queen for gallantry in the Aden Protectorate, now Yemen.
For this purpose, the Imam wanted to incorporate British territory, known as the Aden protectorate, into his own.
After honeymooning in Bombay they are working on the Salsette which is sailing to the Aden Protectorate. The purser assures them they will have a quiet cruise since there is relatively no crime on the Salsette.
And with reference to logic of selection, there is no specific entry for "Aden" or "Aden Protectorate," even though there is a ten-line, three-sentence entry for the obscure "Hone-Bell Proposal" dealing with a 1966 report for the independent governance of Aden - no references.
Graduated in 1964 from Aden Protectorate Army School, which was privately military school for qualifying sons of army officers of the southern Arab Union
Graduated in 1964 from Aden Protectorate Army School, which was privately military school for qualifying sons of army officers of the southern Arab Union Had a scholarship to Britain and joined a military course on military terms and then joined also one year half special military course.