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Browse 129 market data tables and 57 figures spread through 180 pages and in-depth TOC on " Electronic Adhesives Market ".
The company, a division of Franklin International, has empowered printing companies to easily and cost-effectively print adhesives in-house on their own flexography equipment -- and give their customers exactly what they want -- with its revolutionary new line of Flex water-based adhesives.
The Flex line includes nine Covinax adhesives for permanent, removable and specialty applications, and two Micronax adhesives for jobs that require repositionable adhesives, such as sticky notes and repositionable packaging.
Adhesive failure can be more difficult to determine, but can be linked to surface contamination, overheating of adhesive and primers, or poor phosphate coatings.
The exclusive Hi-Tack adhesive is as much as 30% stronger than other pressure sensitive adhesives, reducing costly maintenance.
Soy adhesives are not new, having been used in commercial wood products as early as the 1920s.
makers of Nordot Adhesives, which claims to sell more adhesive than anybody in the world that installs turf and sports and recreational surfaces.
Wisconsin scientists discovered the natural adhesive while investigating the fermentation of alfalfa to make ethanol fuel.
A benefit of foaming adhesive has been the reduced weight at equal volume with the same thickness," said Mark Bonovitz, chemical engineer of adhesives technical service for National Starch.
Newer adhesives are themselves more economical and more consistent from batch to batch, says Don Bladecki, business director at National Starch & Chemical Co.
The contents of this book are Adhesion and Adhesives, an Introduction; Mechanical Properties of Materials as They Relate to Adhesives; Mechanical Tests of Adhesive Bond Performance; The Basics of Inter-molecular Forces and Surface Science; Basic Physical/Chemical Properties of Polymers; Relationship of Surface Science and Adhesion Science; Surface Preparation of Adherends for Adhesive Bonding; Chemistry and Physical Properties of Structural Adhesives; Chemistry and Physical Properties of Elastomer-Based Adhesives; Chemistry and Physical Properties of Thermoplastic, Pseudothermoplastic, and Other Adhesives; and A Basis for Adhesive Bond Design.