Adjarian Autonomous Republic

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Adjarian Autonomous Republic


Ajarian Autonomous Republic

(both: əjär`ēən), formerly

Adzhar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic

(əjär`) or


(əjär'ĭstän`, əjär`ĭstăn'), autonomous region (1990 pop. 382,600), c.1,160 sq mi (3,000 sq km), SW Georgia, on the Black Sea, bordering Turkey on the south. The capital is BatumiBatumi
or Batum
, city (1990 est. pop. 136,609), capital of Adjarian Autonomous Republic, in W Georgia, on the Black Sea near the Turkish border. A major port and trade center, it is also the terminus of the Trans-Caucasian RR and an oil pipeline.
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. Mountainous and forested, the region has a subtropical climate, and there are many health resorts. Tobacco, tea, citrus fruits, and avocados are leading crops; livestock raising is also important. Industries include tea packing, tobacco processing, fruit and fish canning, oil refining, and shipbuilding. The Adjars or Ajars, a mainly Muslim people of the South Caucasian linguistic family, constitute the bulk of the population; the remainder are Georgians, Armenians, Russians, and Greeks.

Colonized by Greek merchants in the 5th and 4th cent. B.C., the region later came under Roman rule and after the 9th cent. A.D. was part of Georgia. The Turks conquered the area in the late 17th and early 18th cent. and introduced Islam. Acquired by Russia in 1878, the region became an autonomous republic of Georgia in 1921. In 1991 it became an autonomous republic of the newly independent state of Georgia. Subsequently, the region became increasingly independent of the Georgian central government, leading to a crisis (2004) in which Georgia reasserted its supremacy and forced Adjarian leader Aslan Abashidze into exile.

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Adjara is found in the southwest corner of Georgia, it lies on the coast of the Black Sea close to the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, and is an important tourism destination.
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Unlike the triumph in Adjara, this development indicated an overall setback and worsening relationships in the conflict zone.
Adjara is located in the Southwestern corner of Georgia, bordered by Turkey to the South and the Eastern end of the Black Sea.
During the crises in Adjara and South Ossetia in 2004, he paid many visits to the relevant parties and institutions.
Most cases of HIV are in Tbilisi, but prevalence is increasing in the Black Sea coastal regions of Adjara and Samegrelo (Ikram and Kaijage 2007a).
Adjara was a small semi-autonomous breakaway state in the far west of Georgia which was governed by a Papa Doc figure named Aslan Abashidze - no friend of Shevardnadze and his regime.
The President also intervened when a church under construction in Adjara was demolished for lack of proper building permits, ordering resumption of construction.
The government failed to formalize a mechanism for referring victims to NGOs for care, though in 2005, police in Adjara signed a memorandum of understanding with a local NGO to implement a pilot project for identification and referral.
Though, regardless of such positive factor as Russias constructive role in peaceful resolution of crisis in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, we still have a number of unsettled issues.
Russia also has supported South Ossetian separatists and Aslan Abashidze, the authoritarian and unruly chieftain of Adjara, a Georgian coastal province wedged between Georgia and Turkey.
Georgia will use the newly secured funds to develop the Batumi Bypass Road in the Adjara region of the country.