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Adjuncts are parts of a sentence that are used to elaborate on or modify other words or phrases in a sentence. Along with complements, subjects, verbs, and objects, adjuncts are one of the five main components of the structure of clauses. A distinguishing feature of adjuncts is that their removal from sentences does not alter the grammatical integrity and correctness of the sentence. In other words, adjuncts expand on the word or phrase that they are modifying, but their presence in sentences is not needed for the sentence to stand alone. Nouns, adjectives, and adverbs can all be adjuncts.
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(1) In a number of West European countries and in prerevolutionary Russia (at the Academy of Sciences, some institutions of higher learning, and also at the universities before the introduction of the Statute of 1863), a person doing his qualifying scientific apprenticeship; an assistant to an official, department head, professor, or academician; or a graduate assistant.

(2) In the USSR, a military officer who is preparing for a research or teaching position at a higher military educational institution or an armed forces research institute.

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Cengage Learning will also partner with NISOD to offer three scholarships to the NISOD conference, which will cover conference registration as well as travel and accommodations to adjunct instructors who submit winning proposals to create content as part of the professional development series in the spring.
Members of such organizations are perfect candidates for adjunct teaching.
If the class is taught by an adjunct, no more than $3,000 of that revenue would be spent on instruction.
For Ian Duckies, an adjunct professor of philosophy at four California institutions, another goal was to push for increased funding from the government, with a particular focus on pay equity for adjuncts.
The maltreatment of adjunct professors is the darkest of clouds hovering over American higher education, whether the school is a degree factory with 40,000 students, or a community college with less than 1,000.
The adjunct faculty members are not responsible for providing a religious educational environment.
Adjuncts have earned their spot on the full-time faculty list or at least a salary above the American poverty line.
Adjunct employment can be very attractive to qualified individuals.
Work as an adjunct was never meant to provide a full-time, family-supporting lifestyle kind of wage.
Building a strong peer community and establishing close working relationships with instructional teams are integral to a positive adjunct faculty experience.
Whether they are teaching on-campus, online, or a combination ofboth, adjunct faculty bring enthusiasm and spirit to their teaching assignments.
Because diabetes has important psychological components, it seems reasonable to consider hypnosis as an adjunct therapy for diabetes.