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Adjuncts are parts of a sentence that are used to elaborate on or modify other words or phrases in a sentence. Along with complements, subjects, verbs, and objects, adjuncts are one of the five main components of the structure of clauses. A distinguishing feature of adjuncts is that their removal from sentences does not alter the grammatical integrity and correctness of the sentence. In other words, adjuncts expand on the word or phrase that they are modifying, but their presence in sentences is not needed for the sentence to stand alone. Nouns, adjectives, and adverbs can all be adjuncts.
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(1) In a number of West European countries and in prerevolutionary Russia (at the Academy of Sciences, some institutions of higher learning, and also at the universities before the introduction of the Statute of 1863), a person doing his qualifying scientific apprenticeship; an assistant to an official, department head, professor, or academician; or a graduate assistant.

(2) In the USSR, a military officer who is preparing for a research or teaching position at a higher military educational institution or an armed forces research institute.

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In addition to the alleviation of pain through direct suggestion of analgesia, back and neck pain may be adjunctively aided through suggestion for deep muscle relaxation, (Jacobson, 1938; Jacobson, 1955), and therapeutic touch (Chaitow, 1981; Wells, 1982).
In women 30 years and older the test may be used adjunctively with the Cervista[TM] HPV HR test in combination with cervical cytology to assess the presence or absence of specific high-risk HPV types.
If I use the explicitly religious interventions adjunctively, how can I do that in a way that does not work against the effective treatment components in the standard treatments I will also be using?
However these measures should not delay definitive treatment of compartment syndrome and rather should be performed adjunctively. If the clinical symptoms do not improve, definitive treatment involves fasciotomy, with orthopaedic and vascular management of other injuries eg: fracture fixation, to relieve the pressure within the compartment.
Treatment methods that have been used adjunctively in addiction recovery for many years also may be effective in the treatment of chemo brain.
One group of patients received topiramate alone (8 subjects, mean age 75, standard deviation 6.2) and the other group received topiramate adjunctively (7 subjects, mean age 79.9, standard deviation 6.4).
Using hypnosis adjunctively, the client could be given specific suggestions to assist them to achieve the necessary lifestyle changes in the areas of diet and exercise.
Because EI does not represent any particular theory and uses an inductive approach to arrive at potential research questions (O'Reilly, 2005), it can be used adjunctively with counseling theories before treatment.
Why didn't you tell us about the new studies?" (In fact, there had been no new studies considered by the advisory committee or the FDA.) The mother of a 6-year-old boy with very severe atopic dermatitis, whose oral calcineurin inhibitor (cyclosporine) dose I'd been able to lower by utilizing TCIs adjunctively, stopped his topical therapy and demanded that I increase his oral cyclosporine dose to control the subsequent severe flaring that occurred!
Although SFC can be used adjunctively to traditional models, clients who are heavily invested in the traditional 12-step based treatment models may not find solution-focused techniques helpful.
HBOT can even be used adjunctively to help treat Acute Myocardial Infarctions (heart attacks).