Adjustment of Fire

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adjustment of fire

[ə′jəst·mənt əv ′fīr]
The determining and applying of corrections to firing data to bring the center of impact or of burst, or the cone of fire of automatic weapons, to the adjusting point and to keep it there.
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Adjustment of Fire


clearing up errors that crept in during the preparation of initial data for firing by making corresponding corrections during the process of ranging and firing artillery, mortars, and machine guns.

Adjustment of artillery fire includes making corrections for direction, distance, and elevation in the settings of the sighting devices (deflection, level, and sight), the time fuse, or fire control instruments. Adjustment is made from the results of observing the place where the shells fall (explosions or by tracers) relative to the target. Observation is carried out from ground observation posts, airplanes (or helicopters), or by means of electronic reconnaissance and sound ranging.

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