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(1) Officer attached to a superior for various assignments. In the Soviet Army prior to 1954, also a line position in individual battalions (divisions).

(2) In the prerevolutionary Russian Army, also the position of the officer in charge of clerical duties on staffs and administrations (senior, regimental, battalion, and divisional adjutant). Appeared first in the second half of the 17th century under the name of esaul. The position of adjutant was legitimated by the 1716 Troop Regulations.

(3) Court military office in the retinue of a monarch. Adjutant of the rank of a general is called an adjutant general and of an officer rank, aide-de-camp.

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"I am humbled, pleased and excited about this opportunity to serve as the adjutant general of the great state of South Carolina," McCarty said.
More than 100 participants gathered for the annual Commanders and Adjutants Association meeting, held in June at DAV National Headquarters in Cold Spring, Ky.
Adjutant Stork are a rare species birds, which were once common across the wetlands in south-east Asia, but are now classified as endangered.
When Pearson "declined to resign because he was innocent," (6) Governor Hansen exercised his authority as "Governor and Commander in Chief' to relieve Pearson as "The Adjutant General, State of Wyoming, effective 25 November 1964." (7) In his stead, Governor Hansen appointed Brigadier General Roy E.
The adjutant guides the whole corps into formation during parades and then hurries to the front of the formation in a half-march, half-run strut or trot, which the audience finds charming, even funny.
He is survived by his wife of 20 years, Kathleen Rogers-Hamalainen, of Effingham; two daughters, Danielle Adjutant and Jocelyn Rogers; and a son, Nick Rogers-Hamalainen, all of Effingham; and two grandchildren, Dylan and Sydney Adjutant, of Effingham.
- Adjutant Samer Jallad, Jabla Region, al-Shrashir Village, married with two children
In the middle of our conversation about human resources (HR), a fellow faculty member at the Army Command and General Staff College blurted out, "HR, personnelists, adjutant general [AG] ...
Summary: First Adjutant in the Internal Security Forces Youssef Bahij Ahmar and an unidentified person were killed in a tragic car accident Friday at 5:30 am on the Kfar Abida highway, north of Beirut.
AN Army adjutant yesterday denied he had ordered a soldier who collapsed and died to be "beasted".
Randal Thomas, the Illinois Guard's adjutant general.
A dinner was recently held in honour of the Adjutant General of the British Army, Lieutenant General Sir Alistair Irwin KCB CBE.