Administrative Jurisdiction

Administrative Jurisdiction


as defined by law, the activity of governmental administrative agencies and their officials in solving individual administrative cases and in applying the corresponding legal sanctions by administrative procedure. The jurisdiction of the governmental administrative agencies in the USSR and other socialist countries is based on the strict observance of the principle of legality and is clearly regulated by the appropriate legal acts—for instance, the Apr. 12, 1968, edict of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR “On the Procedure for Hearing Citizens’ Requests, Petitions, and Complaints.” Several agencies of the USSR governmental administration and their officials exercise administrative jurisdiction within certain limits set by law—for instance, the chief of a local militia office can impose a fine for the commission of an administrative offense (a minor offense) which manifests itself as petty hooliganism. In the USSR, according to law, people’s judges, administrative commissions for cases of minors, and several other agencies have been invested with the powers of administrative jurisdiction.

The organization of the activity of governmental agencies in exercising administrative jurisdiction is regulated by administrative procedural law. Soviet law stipulates that administrative jurisdiction must be exercised within a legal framework in a public manner and that all the guarantees and rights of the citizen provided by law must be observed. These guarantees include the right of a person whose case is being heard under administrative jurisdiction to acquaint himself with all the materials of the case, to present evidence in his own defense, and to demand the summoning of witnesses, the appointment of experts by the commission, the interpellation of documents, and so forth.

In bourgeois states, the administrative jurisdiction of administrative bodies is more broadly defined and the jurisdiction of the courts is correspondingly more restricted. In these states, the activity of administrative authority is broadly defined as to have free discretion (so-called discretionary power) in applying measures of administrative penalty. For instance, in Great Britain the Council of Administrative Tribunals was created by the law on tribunals and inquiries (1958); this council hears a great number of cases, which are thus removed from the courts of general jurisdiction. In the Federal Republic of Germany the jurisdiction of administrative bodies has been significantly broadened by the law on administrative offenses of Mar. 25, 1952.


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These committees will have administrative jurisdiction over cases involving discrimination.
the Supreme Court categorically declared unconstitutional the administrative jurisdiction of the President over deputy ombudsman.
The administrative juridiction of the Office of the President's administrative jurisdiction became an issue again with Malacanang's decision to preventively suspending Overall Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Arthur Carandang.
Besides, the naval facility will have full immunity from Syria's civil and administrative jurisdiction.
The Nawaz Sharif government made a serious bid to bring all regulatory authorities under the administrative jurisdiction of the respective ministries but thanks to judicial activism this could not be done.
For example, about half of Shanghai's administrative jurisdiction of 6,340sq km (2,448sq miles) is rural.
The DC, Karachi - Central reiterated his commitment that the drive against encroachments would continue without any pressure in areas falling under his administrative jurisdiction.
Governor Hassan later on returned to the town the same evening for preparations to relocate to Nyamellel town, one of the places in Aweil area under the administrative jurisdiction of Lol state.
He shall also enjoy immunity from its civil and administrative jurisdiction, except in the case of:
The Jordan-run Islamic Waqf, which has administrative jurisdiction over the compound, has accused Israel of attempting to Judaize the holy site and the city of Jerusalem.
According to the company, this latest agreement has been signed with a local surgical and wound care distributor who will cover one of the 12 states in the Novitas Medicare administrative jurisdiction.
With the shifting of administrative jurisdiction, the employees were not getting their health, housing and deputation allowances, which would make a substantial chunk of their monthly salaries.

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