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Transition inside a single administrative domain where there is no need of IP address alteration is termed as micro mobility.
Die ontwikkeling en evaluering van 'n eindgebruikertoepassing in die veld van masjienvertaling word beskryf in die artikel, An overview of the Etsa Trans machine translation system: compilation of an administrative domain, deur Ehlers en Hanekom.
AVAKI grids unify resources across locations and administrative domains with different hardware, operating systems, and system configurations, creating an environment that is secure and easy to administer.
Finally, an administrative domain put ministers into a relationship with departmental chief executives, statutory agencies, and other components of the wider public sector.
The new registries would participate in and be governed by a Council of Registers (CORE); they would also agree to abide by the decisions of the Administrative Domain Name Challenge Panel set up by WIPO to handle trademark disputes.
His authority, for all intents and purposes in the area of the Palestinian administrative domain, is thus derived from Israel's paramountcy.
In addition to making the 60-day waiting period optional for registrants, the final report institutes a system for dispute settlement involving online mediation, mandatory arbitration (if a domain name challenger chooses to initiate arbitration), and a fast-track online administrative domain name challenge procedure.
The lake falls under the administrative domain of four departments irrigation, Sindh Tourism Development Corporation (STDC), fisheries and police but sadly none of the departments perform their actual duties and their staff is only seen busy fleecing picnickers on various pretexts.
The administrative domain of Senior Civil Judges is procurement, compilation and maintaining of data of all cases.
In fact, a large number of extensive reforms mentioned in PTI's 100-day plan as well as PM Imran Khan's inaugural address are largely related to the subjects which are essentially within the administrative domain of the provinces.
The award has three categories: the working mother in the field domain, the working mother in the administrative domain and the special awarding category.

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