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Crichton, James

(krī`tən), 1560?–1583?, Scottish adventurer and scholar, called the Admirable Crichton. A graduate of the Univ. of St. Andrews, he spent some time in France, possibly in military service. By 1579 he was in Italy, where he attracted attention by his scholarly accomplishments and personal charm. Reputedly he spoke 12 languages and displayed amazing erudition and powers of memory in public disputations. He entered the service of a Mantuan nobleman as tutor to his son and was slain by his charge in a street brawl. His fame is due to the extravagant praise given him by Aldus Manutius (grandson of the famous printer of the same name) and by his 17th-century biographer, Sir Thomas Urquhart.
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The impact of Nietzsche on Barrie, for instance, cannot be directly proved, and what the discussion here really amounts to is Jack reading Nietzsche and reading Barrie and forging connections where their material might seem to show a degree of overlap--such as the 'Will-to-Power' theme he finds in The Admirable Crichton.
Then there is Love on the Dole, Blithe Spirit, Tom Brown's Schooldays, The Admirable Crichton and others bringing back many happy memories of comfortable seats in darkened cinemas.
Android Kryten's name and personality were based on Kenneth More's eponymous butler in the movie The Admirable Crichton.
It was the Admirable Crichton by JM Barrie, and the cast included Norman Trevor, Arthur Chesney and Estelle Winwood.
Mr Strachan was working in Athens during the Games for high-class catering firm Admirable Crichton.
By the end of the year, however, the Liverpool Repertory Theatre - as the Playhouse was then known - opened u p for business with J M Barrie's The Admirable Crichton.
Scots born Mr Strachan was employed by high class catering firm Admirable Crichton and worked in the kitchens.
At the same sale, proofs of J M Barrie's plays, including Peter Pan and The Admirable Crichton, with his own handwritten alterations and corrections, are expected to fetch up to pounds 15,000.
A figure known in London's grunge fashion scene, she worked as a pounds 5-an-hour waitress with society catering company The Admirable Crichton.
Michael described last weekend's bash for girlfriend Georgina Hristova thus: "We all started off at the cinema, with Dom Perignon 1985 and canapes by Johnny Roxburgh from The Admirable Crichton, then we went up for dinner.