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any of various nymphalid butterflies, esp the red admiral or white admiral



(from Arabic amir al bahr, “ruler on the sea”), a navy rank. It was first used in Europe in the 12th century in Venice and Genoa and later spread to the navies of other countries. In Russia admiral ranks (admiral general, admiral, vice admiral, and rear admiral) were introduced by Peter I in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The May 7, 1940, decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet created the following ranks in the USSR Navy: rear admiral, vice admiral, admiral, and admiral of the fleet; and in the navy engineering corps, engineer rear admiral, engineer vice admiral, and engineer admiral. On March 3, 1955, the rank of admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union replaced the rank of admiral of the fleet, and on April 18, 1962, the rank of admiral of the fleet was reintroduced and added to all those existing.

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Admiral's capital position is 'Extremely Strong' as measured by Fitch's Prism Factor-Based Model (FBM) capital score.
To mark his appointment, Admiral's recruitment team presented Mr Miah with a 10,000th employee award and doughnuts to share with his new team.
Admiral's chief financial officer Geraint Jones added: "Wales is one of the fastest growing financial services centres in the UK and Admiral is delighted to be able to launch its new venture into the lending market here in our home city of Cardiff."
Admiral's management bought out the firm in November 1999, backed by Barclays Private Equity, whose Birmingham office, in Cherry Street, handled the deal.
Admiral's 2016 results were impacted by the change in the Ogden discount rate used to calculate lump-sum payments in large bodily injury cases in the UK.
Mr Stevens said Admiral's workforce would grow less than the company with productivity gains as some elements of automation are added in the years ahead.
Managers working in Admiral's personal injury department would be expected to provide technical guidance to a team of case handlers setting relevant objectives and performance managing.
More information on this and the rest of Admiral's Annual Survey of British Motorists can be found at
Admiral's salesline is 0800 600 800 - open from 8am to 11pm on weekdays, from 9 am to 8pm on Saturdays, and on a Sunday between 10am and 8pm
Key to the success of Admiral's business is the health, wellbeing and happiness of its employees.
Admiral's support will help Chapter to continue to produce and provide access to high quality arts activites, benefiting the people of Cardiff, while Admiral staff will be given opportunities to attend workshops and screenings at the arts centre.
The gift, from their own pockets, was confirmed by the Engelhardts at Admiral's annual staff meeting held yesterday at Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena, which was attended by around 3,000 staff from its Cardiff and Newport offices.