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By December 1983 she was promoted to commodore, and two years later the rank of commodore was combined with rear admiral and she became Rear Admiral Hopper.
Obtaining her doctorate in mathematics at a time when such academic achievements were not the usual experience for American women, Admiral Hopper was eventually elevated to her Navy rank by a specific honor from the Congress of the United States because of her genius, dedication, forward thinking, and unprecedented discoveries.
The reflections and contributions of Admiral Hopper can be found today throughout our information industry.
The many contributions of Admiral Hopper are well discussed in Kurt Beyer's 2009 work published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age.
The good news is that cost-effective solutions envisioned by Admiral Hopper with her teams of oxen analogy (i.
Rear Admiral Hopper would tell them to learn everything they could about microcomputers, software and hardware, and to educate their bosses on the subject.
Tobin, who attended the dedication, said, "Once I was selected to be the Director of Navy Information Systems, I was hoping that I would somehow have a chance to visit with Rear Admiral Hopper.
Admiral Hopper had an abundance of both qualities, and on top of that she had an abiding love for the U.
Admiral Hopper was instrumental in creating and standardizing COBOL, the world's most widely used business programming language.