Isoroku Yamamoto

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Yamamoto, Isoroku

(ēsō`rōko͞o' yämä`mōtō), 1884–1943, Japanese admiral in World War II. He headed the combined fleet in 1941 and was the mastermind behind Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor. After he was killed in action in 1943, he became a national hero. Throughout his career he worked to build an integrated air-surface arm for the navy.


See H. Hagawa, The Reluctant Admiral (1982).

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His discussion of the weakness of Japan's strategic planning in the Pacific and its naval deficiencies in general is also convincing, though his relative lack of regard for Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto may surprise many readers.
This raid was so significant that it was studied carefully by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto while planning his attack on Pearl Harbor thirteen months later.
It wasn't until much later that it was discovered that Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, commanding the Combined Fleet, had done just what Spruance feared he would do--try to compensate for Nagumo's dreadful defeat by sending a surface formation to meet the American fleet that everyone but Spruance thought should be driving west.
On page 32, in the margin, is a statement "Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was the Osama Bin Laden of World War II.
Daniel Haulman likens Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, the architect of the Pearl Harbor attack, to the modern terrorist Osama Bin Laden.