Maximilian Von Spee

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Spee, Maximilian Von


Born June 22, 1861, in Copenhagen; died Dec. 8, 1914, near the Falkland Islands. German vice admiral. Count.

Spee entered the navy in 1878. In 1912 he became the commander of a cruiser squadron in the Pacific Ocean. After the outbreak of World War I, Spee took his squadron to the waters of South America. On Nov. 1, 1914, he defeated a British cruiser squadron in a battle at Coronel off the Chilean coast. On Dec. 8, 1914, Spee was defeated by a strong British squadron off the Falkland Islands. Spee went down with his flagship, the cruiser Scharnhorst.

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At the outbreak of war in 1914, Cradock's forces were charged with defending the east coast of the American continent which, within weeks, brought them into conflict with Admiral von Spee. (IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM)
Where did the British navy defeat the German of pointillism, which uses tiny individual dabs admiral Von Spee in a sea battle in 1914?
But German warships were expected to "fight to the last shell." Had not Admiral von Spee, the ship's namesake, and his two sons fought to the death at the Battle of the Falkland Islands in 1914?
Born in 1862, the son of Christopher and Georgina Duff Cradock; joined the navy (1875), and led the naval brigade during the Boxer Rebellion in China, directing the storming of the Taku forts (June 17, 1900); played a major role in the capture of Tientsin (Tionjin) (July 23); had a distinguished naval career thereafter, publishing Whispers from the Fleet (1907); promoted rear admiral (1910); as commander of South Atlantic station at the outbreak of World War I (August 1914), he was directed to hunt down Admiral von Spee's cruiser squadron; found and engaged the German ships off Coronel, Chile; his ships were outnumbered and outgunned, and he was killed when his flagship, H.M.S.