Yi Sun-Sin

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Yi Sun-Sin


Born 1545; died 1598. Korean military figure; hero of the Imdin War. Of noble descent.

In 1591, Yi Sun-sin was appointed commander of the fleet of the left semiprovince of Chollado. Foreseeing that a war with Japan was inevitable, he reinforced the fleet by commissioning improved warships, the “turtle ships” (kobukson), which were distinguished by high combat qualities. In the course of the Imdin War the Korean Navy, commanded by Yi Sun-sin, defeated the Japanese Navy in four engagements and foiled the plan of a combined offensive of the Japanese land and naval forces. Soon after, court intrigues brought about Yi Sun-sin’s removal as commander of the navy, but he was recalled to the post during a new Japanese invasion of Korea in 1597. Commanded by Yi Sun-sin, the Korean Navy again brilliantly defeated the Japanese Navy in October 1597. Yi Sun-sin died in the last battle in Noryan Bay, which led to a complete defeat of the Japanese invaders. In July 1950 the Korean People’s Democratic Republic instituted the Order of Yi Sun-sin.


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For the historicization of Yi Sunsin during the late Choson period, see Chong Tuhui, "Yi Sunsin e taehan kiok ui yoksa wa yoksahwa" [History and Historicization of Memories of Admiral Yi Sunsin], Han'guk sahaksa hakpo 14 (Dec.
When I pinched the tip of my penis until it looked like the battle helmet worn by Admiral Yi Sun-shin the greatest naval tactician who ever lived Yoonhee shut the bathroom door.
We could even buy a gigantic painting that would be easy to reconfigure into other paintings with our imaginations except instead of doves our painting would be covered in variegated turtles like Admiral Yi Sun-shin's turtle boats.
It was named after the Korean Admiral Yi Sun-Shin who is regarded as one of KoreaEoe1/4aos greatest admirals by achieving a legendary naval record of 23 victories of 23 battles and devising the worldEoe1/4aos first ironclad warship (Geobukseon, turtle ship).
Back in the old days, Admiral Yi Sun-shin gave the Japs hell.
Under Japanese rule (1910-1945), every mention of Korean history was banished from books and school classrooms, especially anything that reminded Koreans that in the 1590s they had resisted the Japanese invasion at immense cost and had finally forced the Japanese to return home, thanks in great part to the extraordinary figure of Admiral Yi Sun-sin.
This new landmark in Seoul is the home for the statues of King Sejong the Great and Admiral Yi Sunshin and other cultural and historical sites.
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Gamers can command some of history's greatest heroes in three story-based single-player campaigns including Richard the Lionheart in his quest to unite England during the Medieval Age; Admiral Yi as he attempts to defeat Japan during the 16th Century; and General Patton in his triumphs from North Africa to Berlin during WWII.
The first sight that greets visitors at the new Gwanghwamun Plaza is "Haechi Madang," a sunken square built under the water fountain in front of Admiral Yi Sun-sin's statue.
A new water fountain built around the statue of Admiral Yi Sun-sin
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