Admiralty Inlet

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Admiralty Inlet:

see Puget SoundPuget Sound
, arm of the Pacific Ocean, NW Wash., connected with the Pacific by Juan de Fuca Strait, entered through the Admiralty Inlet and extending in two arms c.100 mi (160 km) S to Olympia.
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Admiralty Inlet area, Baffin Island, District of Franklin.
3) were never detected outside central Puget Sound; 9 individuals moved only between Admiralty Inlet and central Puget Sound (fish 11-19, Fig.
For example, fish 1-10 were detected only where tagged in central Puget Sound, but fish 26 was detected in Admiralty Inlet and Hood Canal.
-0.17 0.77 -0.63 0.02 Melville Western High 1,24 0.03 -0.87 0.02 Arctic CAA-East Eastern High 1.20 0.02 -0.95 0.002 Arctic Admiralty Inlet 1.41 0.003 -0.53 0.07 Eastern Parry 1.58 0.07 -1.55 0.08 Channel Prince Regent 0.88 0.26 -0.91 0.21 Trends in Landfast Ice Duration
The goal was to cover previously surveyed areas known for their summer aggregations of narwhals (Eclipse Sound, Admiralty Inlet, Prince Regent Inlet, and Peel Sound; Fig.
Nicklen) at the floe edge on the west side of the mouth of Admiralty Inlet (73[degrees]35.179' N, 84[degrees]37.960' W).
Birds were most commonly observed at the floe edge, the location of which differs each year, but is often near the mouth of Admiralty Inlet. In summer, birds were not common, but when observed, they were usually near multiyear ice, and along western Admiralty Inlet or islands in the Inlet.
Janes, was murdered near Cape Crauford in Admiralty Inlet. This event resulted in the first government trial of alleged Inuit murderers, which occurred in August 1923 in Pond Inlet.
No positions were obtained from Lancaster Sound or the more western summering areas of Admiralty Inlet and Prince Regent Inlet.
Lavoie Point Beach elevations (m) 0-3.5 3.5-17 17-36 36 + Stranded whales 22(12) 115(3) 1 -- Stranded whales/ka 8.8 38.3 0.4 -- C14-dated whales 4 16 4 -- C14-dated whales/ka 1.6 5.3 1.6 -- Admiralty Inlet: 2.
In the study area, this species apparently visits at least Pond Inlet and Admiralty Inlet annually, and there are several historical and recent reports of predation on bowheads in these areas (Reeves and Mitchell, 1988).