Admiralty Islands

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Admiralty Islands,

group of 40 volcanic islands, c.800 sq mi (2,070 sq km), SW Pacific, in the Bismarck ArchipelagoBismarck Archipelago,
volcanic island group, 19,200 sq mi (49,730 sq km), SW Pacific, a part of Papua New Guinea. The group includes New Britain (the largest island), New Ireland, the Admiralty Islands, the Mussau Islands, New Hanover, the Vitu Islands, and the Duke of York
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 and part of Papua New Guinea. Lorengau, the chief port and administrative center of the group, is on Manus, the largest island. Copra, pearls, and marine shells are the principal products. Discovered by the Dutch navigator Willem SchoutenSchouten, Willem Cornelis
, 1567?–1625, Dutch navigator. In 1615 he sailed from Texel island, Holland, in command of an expedition whose objective was to evade the trade restrictions of the Dutch East India Company by finding a new route to the Pacific.
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 in 1616, the group became part of German New Guinea in 1884 and an Australian League of Nations mandate in 1920. During World War II, the islands were seized (1942) by the Japanese and later retaken (1944) by the Allies. A naval base on Manus Island has been the site of an Australian offshore detention center (2001–4, 2012–17) for illegal immigrants, but in 2016 Papua New Guinea's supreme court declared it a violation of the constitution and ordered it closed. The detainees remained on Manus, however, after the center's closure in 2017.
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