Adnan Menderes

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Menderes, Adnan


Born in 1899 in Aydin; died Sept. 17, 1961, on Yassiada Island. Turkish statesman. Large landowner; lawyer by training.

Menderes was the leader of the Democratic Party, a bourgeois-landlord party founded in 1946. As premier from 1950 to 1960, he pursued a reactionary domestic policy and a proimperialist foreign policy. In these years Turkey joined aggressive military blocs (NATO, CENTO) and concluded several unequal bilateral agreements with the USA. On May 27, 1960, the Menderes government was overthrown in a coup and Menderes was put on trial and hanged.

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The last time political power was in the hands of one man to this degree was probably during the period of Adnan Menderes.
EVENTS 1959: Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes survives an air crash near London that killed 12 people.
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1959: Turkish leader involved in fatal crash Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes has survived an air crash near London that killed 12 people.
The airline plans to deploy 10 additional kiosks in total in Esenbo[euro]no[bar]a International Airport, Ankara, and Adnan Menderes Airport, Izmir.
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Meanwhile, we are assuming that all of the company's losses will be fully compensated for by the state in cash, due to the early closure of Istanbul Ataturk Airport once the new airport becomes operational, whereas TAV Chairman Hamdi Akin stressed that the extension of their operating rights in Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport can be an alternative solution to compensate for their losses.
After a military coup in 1960, prime minister Adnan Menderes and two other senior ministers were hanged there.
Adnan Menderes University Aydin/Turkey: "Turkey, Mersin, Limonlu, 36[degrees] 33.