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Brit a flexible insulated electric cable, used esp to connect appliances to mains
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(science and technology)
To bend.
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1. Faster LEX.

2. A real-time language for dynamic environments.

["FLEX: Towards Flexible Real-Time Programs", K. Lin et al, Computer Langs 16(1):65-79, Jan 1991].

3. An early object-oriented language developed for the FLEX machine by Alan Kay in about 1967. The FLEX language was a simplification of Simula and a predecessor of Smalltalk.


(software, hardware)
A system developed by Ian Currie (Iain?) at the (then) Royal Signals and Radar Establishment at Malvern in the late 1970s. The hardware was custom and microprogrammable, with an operating system, (modular) compiler, editor, garbage collector and filing system all written in Algol-68. Flex was also re-implemented on the Perq(?).

[I. F. Currie and others, "Flex Firmware", Technical Report, RSRE, Number 81009, 1981].

[I. F. Currie, "In Praise of Procedures", RSRE, 1982].
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A development system for Flash-based applications from Adobe. Introduced in 2004 as a J2EE application, Flex compiles ActionScript programming code and XML-based user interface descriptions (MXML) into binary Flash files (.SWF files). It also includes a variety of user interface functions for creating rich client applications. See Adobe AIR, Flash, MXML and ActionScript.
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This article walks through creating two applications built on Adobe AIR--one in Adobe Flash and the other in Adobe Flex. The application created in Flash provides a windowed desktop application that plays Flash Video (FLV) content.
Flash Builder 4, formerly Adobe Flex Builder, is an Eclipse-based development tool for building multi-platform RIAs and content using the open source Flex framework.
Flex on Rails; building rich internet applications with Adobe Flex 3.0 and Rails 2.
Microsoft's RIA tools are less mature than Adobe's, he said, but Microsoft was able to learn from Adobe when it created its products, he said.<p>"Like any first mover, Adobe has a few weaknesses that Microsoft, in their chasing-the-tail-lights approach, was able to jump on," he said.<p>Still, Adobe Flex, around for about five years, is more "mature and predictable" than Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation, Wolf said.
Interface--New interactive experiences are being driven by new Web-based applications and interfaces, including interfaces written in AJAX or Adobe Flex, to name a few.
Online marketing services company BrandMuscle Inc., Beachwood, Ohio, has launched BuildMyAd, which, unlike other BrandMuscle solutions facilitating strictly defined ad versioning to comply with corporate standards, allows small, independent advertisers unaffiliated with a brand to customize print and online advertisements by leveraging the Adobe Flex open-source development framework for creating rich Web applications.
For users of Flash Builder who are comfortable working with programming languages and who understand server-side web programming, Labriola et al., who develop Internet applications, instruct on and work with Flex and Adobe products, and train users in the software, explain how to build applications using Adobe Flex 4 for the Flash platform.
Tubingen, Germany, May 06, 2010 --(PR.com)-- yWorks, a leading provider of diagramming components for Java, Adobe Flex and .NET applications, today updated their popular free product yEd.
Adobe Flex and ESRI's GIS solutions are used in many of the states' recovery Web sites.
This handbook for developers offers about 300 recipes for developing interactive Rich Internet Applications and Web 2.0 sites with Adobe Flex 3.