PostScript fonts

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PostScript fonts

A scalable font technology from Adobe that renders fonts for both the printer and the screen. PostScript fonts come in Type 1 and Type 3 formats. Type 1 fonts use a simple, efficient command language and are widely used, but Type 3 are not. Type 3 fonts can use the entire PostScript language to create complex designs, and Type 3 fonts can also be bitmaps.

Type 1 Fonts
Type 1 fonts are made by Adobe and other companies. They are encrypted and compressed and also allow for hints, which improve the appearance of text at 300 dpi and lower resolutions. With Adobe Type Manager, Type 1 fonts can also be used on non-PostScript printers. However, Mac OS X and Windows, starting with Windows 2000, natively support Type 1 fonts, and Adobe Type Manager is not required.

Type 1 Files (Outlines and Metrics)
Type 1 fonts are distributed as two files, one for the font outlines and another for font metrics (widths, heights, kerning, etc.). Windows uses PFB and PFM extensions for Printer Font Binary and Printer Font Metrics files. See Type 1 font.

The Mac uses more general file names; for example, a Helvetica font would have an outline file named "Helve" and a font metrics file named "Helvetica." The icon for the font metrics file looks like a suitcase, and is often called the "suitcase file."

TrueType and OpenType (Type 42)
TrueType fonts and OpenType TrueType fonts are converted to a Type 42 format by the operating system or by the application, as is the case with Adobe applications. OpenType Type 1 fonts are treated just like Adobe Type 1 fonts. See TrueType and OpenType.
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The Phaser 220i's standard font package includes 39 Adobe Type 1 fonts, three PCL fonts and support for TrueType fonts.
The microLaser Pro 600 PS23 has 23 scalable Adobe Type 1 fonts, while the Pro 600 PS65 has 65 fonts.
0- -- Dual technology -- dye sublimation and thermal wax technology -- True Adobe PostScript Level 2 -- Superscalar 33 MHz RISC processor on-board -- Connectivity with Macintosh, PC and UNIX platforms -- 135 Resident Adobe Type 1 Font -- Seiko Instruments' MatchPoint toolkit for color management -- 16.
The 8812 has a true Adobe PostScript Level 2 interpreter with more than 51 resident Adobe Type 1 typefaces standard.
The printer comes standard with 13 scalable Adobe Type 1 fonts in ROM and the same 13 TrueType fonts on disk so that users get great looking type on their display and on the printed page.
And, the printers offer more additional functionality for Macintosh users than other competitive printers because TrueType, Apple's font-scaling technology and Adobe Type 1 are both built into ROM.
With one location for all bitmap, TrueType and Adobe Type 1 fonts, users can quickly install or remove any font.
Font quality and compatibility: The 35 standard typefaces included with the printer ensure compatibility with TrueType and Adobe Type 1 software, which is used by both Windows and Macintosh users and the highest quality font usage.
Its Windows NT-compatible print driver is device independent and supports outline fonts such as Microsoft TrueType and Adobe Type 1.
0 provides an exceptional value for the powerful 3D features it delivers and ships with tutorial files, a bevel library, texture library, sample images and 28 Adobe Type 1 fonts.