Adolf Dirr

Dirr, Adolf


Born Dec. 17, 1867, in Augsburg; died Apr. 9, 1930, in Passau. German linguist and ethnologist.

Dirr was curator of the Museum of Ethnology in Munich. He studied Caucasian languages and was the author of Introduction to the Study of the Caucasian Languages (1928).


Grammatika udinskogo iazyka. Tiflis, 1903.
Tsakhurskii iazyk. Grammaticheskii ocherk, teksty, sbornik tsakhurskikh slov s russkim k nemu ukazatelem. [No place, 1913.]
Theoretisch-praktische Grammatik der modernen georgischen (grusinischen) Sprache. Vienna-Leipzig [1904].
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An ideal supplement to the catalogue is a chapter "Short biographies of collectors" as some of them are hardly known today, like Adolf Dirr (1867-1930), a major expert on Caucasian languages, who earned his living as a teacher in the Caucasus and later worked as an interpreter and staff member of the Munich Ethnological Museum, and Marie Du Bois-Reymond (1864-?), wife of Claude du Bois-Reymond, professor at the German Medical School in Shanghai.