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In 1947, Kurth published an article, "The Jew and Adolf Hitler," and speculated that Hitler's hatred of Jews might have been ignited by one particular Jew, based on her observation that Hitler never referred to Jews in the plural, only as "the Jew.
Winston Churchill, a declaration of war, Great Britain, Adolf Hitler, Italy, Japan, the Lend-Lease Act, Poland, Russia, ships at Pearl Harbor, Joseph Stalin, a U.
A defeat of Franco in the 1930s would have been a major reversal to the fortunes of Adolf Hitler.
org, Hartman observed, "In some distant place, Adolf Hitler and Bishop Muller must be smiling at Scalia's encouragement of the growing conflation of church and state in America.
Indeed, the reported genesis of the shape that is universally recognized is a statement to Ferdinand Porsche by Adolf Hitler in May, 1934: "It should look like a beetle.
Only what Adolf Hitler, our Fuhrer, commands, allows, or does not allow is our conscience.
Adolf Hitler is reported to have taken nine to 10 injections of amphetamines a day.
Underwater Impressions leads one to the disturbing speculation that the brilliant Leni Riefenstahl suffered from an aesthetic autism focused on the beautiful to the exclusion of any other artistic criteria, that beautification of whatever she beheld, whether it was Adolf Hitler and masses of Nazi banners, athletes swanning off diving boards, painted African bodies, or the lacy forms of a coral reef.
Unfortunately, despite his persistent work, the conference failed when Germany, under control of Adolf Hitler, withdrew in 1933.
The war in Yugoslavia (a war in fact if not in official declaration) has suffered no shortage of casualties, refugees, destruction - and overheated, overblown references to Adolf Hitler and Nazism.
The auction will include over 200 items including Greta Garbo's hand written letter to her lover, the only Apollo 11 Photo signed by Nixon, Elvis Presley gun sale document lying about his non-use of drugs, one of only three JFK signed baseballs, Madonna & Sean Penn signed marital document, a Lenin signed book, "Gone With The Wind" book signed by Margaret Mitchell, Thomas Edison approval of an invention, John Lennon signed hat, Geronimo signed 1901 map, "Wizard of Oz" book signed by the entire cast, Adolf Hitler signed head shot, the rarest Babe Ruth signed baseball, Princess Di documents and much more.
After facing a series of backlash from customers about a children's coloring book featuring an image of Adolf Hitler, Dutch stores have issued an apology and removed the coloring book from its shelves.