Adolf Schmidt

Schmidt, Adolf


Born July 23, 1860, in Breslau (now Wroclaw); died Oct. 17,1944, in Gotha. German geophysicist.

Schmidt graduated from the university in Breslau in 1882. He became director of the magnetic observatory in Potsdam in 1902 and of the magnetic-meteorological observatory in 1909. He was named an honorary professor of the University of Berlin in 1907. Schmidt’s principal works dealt with the theory of geomagnetism, magnetic surveys, and the study of geomagnetic variations. In 1915–16, Schmidt constructed vertical and horizontal field magnetic scales.


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The geomagnetic records used by the BAA were obtained by kind permission from the Institut fur Geophysik, Gottingen and Adolf Schmidt Observatorium fur Geomagnetismus, Niemegk, Germany.