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Ethiopia: see AdwaAdwa
, Aduwa,
or Adowa
, Ital. Adua, town (1994 pop. 24,519), Tigray region, N Ethiopia. Lying on the highway between Aksum and Adigrat, Adwa is an agricultural trade center. Adwa was the most important commercial center of Tigray in the 19th cent.
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, Adowa
a town in N Ethiopia: Emperor Menelik II defeated the Italians here in 1896. Pop.: 17 476 (1989 est.)
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Adowa, so named for the first Italian-Ethiopian War that secured Ethiopian sovereignty on March 1, 1896, represents a broad swathe of the Caribbean archipelago with Radss Desiree (Dominica) on bass; Adoni Xavier (Trinidad) guitar, vocals; John Hewitt (Barbados) keyboards, vocals and Cornel Marshall (Jamaica) drums, vocals.
Ethiopian forces, however, independently joined the battle of Adowa and successfully defeated Italian forces, thus installing Ethiopia as a "local superpower" within Africa.
Having had already experienced a bitter colonial defeat at Dogali in 1887, the battle of Adowa in March 1896 proved to be the most humiliating and enduring for the Italian military.
The Italians were still smarting over their defeat at Adowa in 1896 by Abyssinian forces.
Forty years before, an Italian invasion had been defeated at Adowa, and in something never referred to, the Emperor, Menelik, castrated his prisoners before returning them ('Think of it always; speak of it never', as Gambetta said of Alsace-Lorraine).
Moreover, ironically, even that revision in a sense merely returns the map to the colonial period between 1896 and 1935, between Adowa and Mussolini, when Eritrea was an Italian colony but Ethiopia as a whole retained its independence.
Lucian musican/poet Taj Weekes and his band Adowa, whose contribution, "Against the Machine," (lyrics: http://www.
Among them, was adowa, gahu, kpanlogo, borborbor and azonto.
The Tanzanian-born Dr Frannie Leautier, executive secretary of the Harare-Zimbabwe-based African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), decked in a colourful Kente cloth and gold jewellery, beamed and danced the traditional Adowa dance to the admiration of the large crowd that attended her enstoolment ceremony at Agona Ashanti.
The Ashanti Adowa is widely popular throughout the Akan community not only in Ghana, but also in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), a neighboring country that borders on the west coast of Ghana.
Lucian reggae artist Taj Weekes and his band Adowa push the boundaries of reggae once again with their third release, A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen, on Jatta Records.
What Ato Mels forgets or would like to forget is that, at the end of the day, in this "parliament", he only represents the city of Adowa, if he really represents it at all.