Adrian VI

Adrian VI,

1459–1523, pope (1522–23), a Netherlander (b. Utrecht) named Adrian Florensz; successor of Leo X. He taught at Louvain and was tutor of the young prince, later Holy Roman Emperor Charles VCharles V,
1500–1558, Holy Roman emperor (1519–58) and, as Charles I, king of Spain (1516–56); son of Philip I and Joanna of Castile, grandson of Ferdinand II of Aragón, Isabella of Castile, Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, and Mary of Burgundy.
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. This was a time when Roman life was extravagant, papal expenditures on worldly objects were lavish, and the Curia needed drastic reform. Adrian, an ascetic and a pious man, did his best to curb the abuses he found, but he died after 20 months. He was succeeded by Clement VII.
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Prynodd Syr Thomas lawer o wydr lliw ar ddecrhrau'r 19eg ganrif ac mae'r casgliad yn cynnwys gwydr o goleg a sefydlwyd gan y Pab Adrian VI yn Leuven, sydd bellach yn rhanbarth Ffleminaidd Gwlad Belg.
John Paul II was the first Polish pope, and also the first non-Italian pontiff since Adrian VI in the 1500s.
He was the second longest-serving Pope in history and, as a Pole, the first non-Italian since Pope Adrian VI, who died in 1523.
He is the first Polish pope in history, and the first non-Italian pope since Pope Adrian VI.
Since then only one, Adrian VI in the 16th century, has kept his baptism name.
He was Pope for nearly 27 years, the second-longest pontificate after Pope Pius IX, the only Polish pope in history and the first non-Italian pope since the Dutch Adrian VI in the 16th century.
Sheryi Reiss focuses her study on the artistic patronage of Adrian VI, Clement's much maligned predecessor.
1978: Elected the 264th pope, the first Polish pope and the first non-Italian pope since Adrian VI (1522-23).
While John Paul was the first non-Italian Pope since the Dutch-German Pope Adrian VI died in 1523, there were other non-Italian Popes before then.
Still numbed by the death of Pope John Paul I, whose papacy lasted just 33 days,many were uneasy that their new leader was not only Polish,but the first non-Italian pope since Adrian VI in 1522.