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Turkey: see EdirneEdirne
, formerly Adrianople
, city (1990 pop. 102,325), capital of Edirne prov., NW Turkey, in Thrace. It is the commercial center for a farm region where grains, fruits, and tobacco are grown and cattle and sheep are raised. The city was founded (c.A.D.
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The Russo-Turkish war and the peace of Adrianople gave Russia a diplomatic and strategic gain in the South-eastern Europe.
Bulgaria, with its large and well-equipped army, eyed Adrianople (Edirne) and the biggest prize, Constantinople.
A Another journalist entering the city of Adrianople (now Edirne, Turkey) when it was finally surrendered by the Ottomans to the Bulgarians in March 1913 recounted the utter desolation of the ancient town, now a "ghastly theater of blood": "Everywhere bodies reduced to mere bones, blue hands ripped from forearms, the bizarre gestures, empty eye-sockets, open mouths as if calling in desperation, the shattered teeth behind the torn and blackened lips.
The uprising took place in the Bitola vilayet and the northeastern part of Adrianople vilayet - parts of the regions of Macedonia and Thrace.
Delchev quickly became one of the leaders of the VMORO, the organization seeking to liberate the Macedonian and Adrianople Region Bulgarians from the Ottoman Empire, in its most successful period - 1894-1903.
Unfortunately, a generation later the unskilled and insecure Valens undid this good work, antagonising the now resettled and well-trained Tervingi and losing disastrously at Adrianople in 378.
WHEN was the Treaty of Adrianople signed, ending war |between Russia and Turkey?
16 Which Roman emperor was killed and his troops routed by the Goths at the battle of Adrianople in 378AD?
Meanwhile, from 1806 to 1812, Russia fought the Ottoman Empire, but faced with threat of Napoleon's subsequent invasion, had to return territories occupied in western Georgia that same year under the Treaty of Bucharest; in 1829, after a war lasting a year and a half, under the Treaty of Adrianople (Edime), Russia annexed those aforementioned lands and possessed almost all of present-day Georgia.
The Organic Regulations are thus the result of the demands of the constituent power in the Principalities for a serious reform of the political order; they had to be seen at that time as a moment of separation from the old order of Phanariote reigns and it supported a new air of patriotism; internationally, these demands find a means of expression by the signing of the Adrianople Treaty as a result of the agreement between Russia and the Ottoman Empire.
Only when the East had ceased to be Christian, and a Mohammedan sultan ruled at Adrianople and Byzantium, did the civilization of Western Europe finally form for itself a new way of life and a new conception of the universe" (p.