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Turkey: see EdirneEdirne
, formerly Adrianople
, city (1990 pop. 102,325), capital of Edirne prov., NW Turkey, in Thrace. It is the commercial center for a farm region where grains, fruits, and tobacco are grown and cattle and sheep are raised. The city was founded (c.A.D.
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At the same time Russia proposed a peace plan according to which: the previous Russo-Turkish treaties regarding Moldavia, Wallachia and Serbia should be recognised; the Sublime Porte should present a special authentication regarding the application of religious liberties and orthodox immunities; the Romanian Principalities should be evacuated and their administration according to the Treaty of Adrianople should be re-established; the Treaty of 1841 referring to the integrity of the Ottoman empire should be valid (Cernovodeanu, 1992: 81-96).
In early August, Sebastianus' force met up with Valens' army at the city of Adrianople, and fortified themselves in readiness for battle.
16) Besides the Battle of Adrianople in which the losses were in large proportions, the Romans had smaller losses in military operations such as punitive expeditions into enemy territory, where the example of the fourth century AD most celebrated is the expedition of Julian in Persia, which resulted in his defeat and subsequently his death.
The Peace of Adrianople joined former Turkish raias to Romanian Country.
The production opens with news of the fall of Adrianople as reported by Bourchier to The Times on March 27 1913.
Eight years later, when Russian troops marched to Adrianople, the same idea was stated even more explicitly by Charles MacFarlane in his Canstantinople in 1828.
1) The end of imperial rule in the west was a long and complicated process that lasted the better part of a century, beginning with the battle of Adrianople in 378 and ending with the removal of Romulus Augustulus in 476.
It would be appropriate to look first at a well-known example in fine condition known as the Cross of Adrianople, which is now in the Benaki Museum, Athens.
significantly, by the 1830 Treaty of Adrianople, Milos was recognized as
Where many accounts only briefly cover the Battle of Adrianople in 378, Goldsworthy provides a detailed discussion of the battle itself and the aftermath of the catastrophic Roman defeat.
For Herodotus, Croesus had been punished for the impieties of his ancestors Gyges, just as for the pagan Ammianus Marcellinus, some eighty years after Lactantius, Valens was to pay on the battlefield of Adrianople for his misdeeds towards Pap of Armenia" (p.
But after defeat at Adrianople in 378, when Emperor Valens died on the battlefield fighting the Goths, the Empire desperately needed a single supportive Church, not a divisive set of quarreling Christian communitiesand Theodosius was determined to create it.