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(both: ä`dəwä), Ital. Adua, town (1994 pop. 24,519), Tigray region, N Ethiopia. Lying on the highway between Aksum and Adigrat, Adwa is an agricultural trade center. Adwa was the most important commercial center of Tigray in the 19th cent., but declined in the 1870s as a result of the dislocation caused by the fighting between Ethiopia and Egypt. In 1896, Adwa was the site of the battle in which Menelik IIMenelik II
, 1844–1913, emperor of Ethiopia after 1889. He was originally ras (ruler) of Shoa (central Ethiopia). After the death (1868) of Emperor Tewodros II, Menelik, with Italian support, gained strength steadily. He seized the throne after Emperor Johannes IV died.
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 decisively defeated Italian invaders and forced them out of Ethiopia.


See R. Jonas, The Battle of Adwa (2011).

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Zoppe's and Adua's stories are joined together by brief sections with conversations and instructions from Zoppe to Adua, allowing for a deeper and more complete understanding of both characters than either has of the other.
28) Combate que tuvo lugar en Adua, en la zona norte de la actual Etiopia, el 1 de marzo de 1896, y que finalizo con la derrota de una fuerza de invasion italiana a manos de las fuerzas leales al emperador Menelik II.
President Yar' Adua appointed a committee to review
Nigeria Umaru Yar' Adua, 56, became President in May 2007, after a controversial election.
The first gave half of his EUR375million fortune to his wife Nicoletta Mantovani, 37, with the other half split between his three daugthers Lorenza, Cristina and Giuliana from his marriage to Adua Veroni.
Habian iniciado un romance de pelicula que los llevo a las Bahamas en febrero de 1996 cazados por paparazzis del semanario italico Chi que lo divorciarian de quien fuera su esposa por 35 anos, Adua Verone, la senora Pavarotti madre de sus tres hijas.
Pavarotti had three daughters - Lorenza, 44, Cristina, 43 and Guiliana, 40 - by his first wife Adua Veroni.
Pavarotti, who had been married to first wife Adua for 36 years and had three grownup daughters, was photographed kissing his personal assistant Nicoletta Mantovani - 26 to his 60 - in Barbados.
FROM PAGE 7: Key dates in Luciano Pavarotti's life:October 12, 1935: Pavarotti born in Modena, Italy; 1961: Wins a local competition and with it a debut as Rodolfo in Puccini's La Boheme, in Reggio Emilia, a city not far from his native town; Marries Adua Veroni, with whom he will have three daughters; 1963: Appears at Covent Garden in London, where he stands in for tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano as Rodolfo; 1965: Appears at La Scala theatre in Milan; 1968: Appears at New York's Metropolitan Opera House and in San Francisco; 1981: Takes part in film Yes Giorgio; 1982: Takes part in film Rigoletto;
And weeks before that Giuliana, his 40-year-old daughter by first wife Adua, admitted he was near death and spending his time playing cards with his friends.
Pavarotti was married for 35 years to Adua Veroni, mother of his three adult daughters and the person also credited with overseeing his career success.
Obasanjo backed Umaru Yar Adua as the ruling party candidate.