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1. the formally codified result of deliberation by a legislative body; a law, edict, decree, statute, etc.
2. a formal written record of transactions, proceedings, etc., as of a society, committee, or legislative body
3. a major division of a dramatic work
a. a short performance of skill, a comic sketch, dance, etc., esp one that is part of a programme of light entertainment
b. those giving such a performance
5. Philosophy an occurrence effected by the volition of a human agent, usually opposed at least as regards its explanation to one which is causally determined


(in New Zealand) Association of Consumers and Taxpayers: a small political party of the right


  1. to carry out or perform any unit or sequence of social behaviour. See ACTION.
  2. to play or act out social roles as if on a stage. See DRAMATURGY.
  3. any unit of ACTION or behaviour.
  4. the ‘accomplished act’ rather than the process of social action (Schutz, 1972). See also ACTION.


On drawings, abbreviation for “actual.”






A very popular customer relationship management (CRM) application for Windows from Swiftpage ACT! LLC ( Officially titled with an exclamation point, reps use Act! to review the notes they previously took along with their customers' e-mail messages and Facebook profiles. A Mac version, now discontinued, was offered earlier.

Act! integrates with popular applications and enables customer reps to access the data simultaneously. Cloud and hosted versions along with custom solutions are also available.

Originally a DOS program for contact names, Act! debuted in 1987 from Conductor Software, later renamed Contact Software International. Although Act!'s ownership changed several times, it evolved into a comprehensive application for the sales professional to organize and track customer details. The product moved from Contact Software to Symantec to SalesLogix (renamed Interact Commerce) to the Sage Group and then Swiftpage in 2013.

An Act! Contact Record
These screen shots from an earlier version of Act! show each contact in a name and address record (top) from which activities are scheduled (bottom right). Activity history is on the bottom left.
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He accuses the Treasury 'with hindsight' of making 'mistakes' and demanding that it put them right - by restoring the shelter provided by advance corporation tax which Chancellor Brown scrapped in his first Budget in 1997.
8 million includes the heavy burden of unrelieved Advance Corporation Tax on dividends and does not anticipate recovery of this in the near future.
During the year the Company provided for 26 million pound($43 million) of Advance Corporation Tax (ACT) arising on the interim and proposed final dividends.
There was no tax charge for the quarter and the tax charge for the year to date relates to Advance Corporation Tax written off on the interim dividend.
To recover up to pounds 12 million in advance corporation tax, GKN is scrapping its final dividend and issuing redeemable 'B' shares to shareholders for a nominal value of 11.
The tax charge for the period relates solely to Advance Corporation Tax written off on the interim dividend.

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