Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

(AMD) A US manufacturer of integrated circuits, founded in 1969. AMD was the fifth-largest IC manufacturer in 1995. AMD focuses on the personal and networked computation and communications market. They produce microprocessors, embedded processors and related peripherals, memories, programmable logic devices, circuits for telecommunications and networking applications.

In 1995, AMD had 12000 employees in the USA and elsewhere and manufacturing facilities in Austin, Texas; Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan; Bangkok, Thailand; Penang, Malaysia; and Singapore.

AMD made the AMD 2900 series of bit-slice TTL components and clones of the Intel 80386 and Intel 486 microprocessors.

AMD Home.

Address: Sunnyvale, CA, USA.
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Advanced Micro Devices said in a registration statement with the U.S.
In 2001, Advanced Micro Devices asked a federal judge in California to help them get documents from Intel to give to the European Commission.
In the spring, Advanced Micro Devices announced Opteron, and AMD is now officially trying to take advantage of Intel's questionable Itanium development decisions to grab a slice of the lucrative enterprise server processor market.
FEI's annual Forum on Finance and Technology was held September 18-20 in Las Vegas, and featured a high-powered lineup of speakers, including Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers and Hector de Ruiz, president and CEO of Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
Ruiz was recruited from Motorola by Advanced Micro Devices in January to be president and chief operating officer.
The community is conveniently located to nearby employment centers and local attractions, including the State Capital, the University of Texas, Austin Bergstrom International Airport, Motorola, Advanced Micro Devices and Sematech.
In the mid-1990s, a form of sale\leaseback called the synthetic lease became popular with Silicon Valley companies, such as Advanced Micro Devices, Applied Materials and Cisco Systems.
Companies such as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Cyrix have developed reliable alternatives to Intel's Pentium and initiated a price war that spawned the sub-$1,000 PC.
ORLANDO, Fla.--With an estimated one in three adults in America having high blood pressure, the need for monitors that can be used at home has never been greater, says Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
In this effort, Intel Corp., Advanced Micro Devices, and Motorola have joined forces with the Lawrence Livermore (Calif.) National Laboratory, the Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, and the Lawrence Berkeley (Calif.) National Laboratory to work under the umbrella of the newly created Virtual National Laboratory (VNL).
At that time, Cliff was Director of Taxes and General Tax Counsel for Advanced Micro Devices, a leading U.S.

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